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   Chapter 13 Running Into An Acquaintance

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At the thought of this, Susie gently nodded to Bobby. When Bobby saw that she had agreed to his request, he took her to the office of Bruce.

In the past, it didn't need Bruce to handle with it himself, but with her special status, and he attached great importance to this project, so Bobby took her to his office.

With Bruce and Ken sitting in the office, Susie looked at them feeling strange. 'what's going on between them? Why do I feel that they are always mortal enemies?'.

But she had to admit that Bruce and Ken were really handsome, and they were all pleasing to the eyes. However, the more she looked at them, the more strange she felt. Why did they give a familiar feeling to her?

She was absolutely not a lascivious woman, and she wasn't familiar to every handsome men. She really looked at them familiar. Suddenly, a thought flashed in her mind, 'doesn't Bran look like them very much?'

Thinking of this, Susie looked at Bruce and Ken in horror. She knew what had happened to Louisa.

Could it be that one of the two men was Bran's father? If that was the case, it could explain why Louisa escaped at that moment.

"Susie, please have a seat."

A smile cracked Bruce's lips when he noticed Susie's inquisitive look. Then he made a gesture to invite Susie in, indicating that family affairs should never be exposed to the public no matter any problem existed between him and Ken. Now in front of outsiders, working is more important than everything.

"I think you have already read the contract. If there is anything wrong with it, we can sit down and discuss it now."

Although he said so, he looked at her with a smile. But in fact, Bobby had already told Bruce with her request, and he asked just out of politeness.

"I don't have other requests. Bobby must have told you about my request. I will sign the contract with you as long as Yancy says yes. "

Hearing what Bruce said, Susie smiled. She was so happy to know that she could work with Louisa in the future.

Her agent was confused by her words. Now he finally understood why she had changed her agent so frequently. Yancy was a little famous in international market. They would be happy if they could cooperate with Yancy for Mu's Group.

But now, she had a feeling that the Mu's Group signed the Yancy and was given a Susie for free. Susie not only sold herself, but also sold Yancy to Mu's Group.

"If that's the case, we have no problem, and if you have no problem either. We can sign the contract now because this project is very important in order to avoid accidents. So we are in a hurry. I hope you don't mind it. "

Bruce already knew Susie's request. But after hearing her words, he was really curious about what kind of person Yancy was. How could she make Susie think so much for her, regardless of her own reputation?

However, Bruce had scruples about work and business. He took business seriously. Besides, Ken was still here. He did have something to tell him.

"Well, if that's the case, we don't have any other requests. Sign the contract now. I hope we will have a pleasant cooperation."

Hearing what Bruce said, Susie raised a smile, although she had been filled with joy for a long time. But she had to remember that she was a lady in public, or else her image would be ruined.

"Well, have a pleasant cooperation." After hearing what she said, Bruce echoed with a smile. Then he took up a pen and signed his name on the contract.

Susie also signed on the agreement. It meant the contract was done.

The other side Louisa ran out of the office of the Mu's Group in a hurry and broke out in a cold sweat. Looking at the familiar yet strange city, Louisa suddenly had an impulse to cry.

She had too many memories in this city, good and bad. It was because of those bad memories that she did not dare to set foot on the land here for six years. But why was he the first person she saw after she came back? He didn't know the relationship between him and the Mu's Group.

Did he come here to negotiate the cooperation or work. Flustered, Louisa walked along the path to her alma mater.

When she was still in a daze, she was standing at the entrance of the

alma mater, watching the familiar gates and campus. Tears welled up in her eyes. It seemed as if everything just happened yesterday.

Six years ago, she was just a girl who had great hopes for the future, but now she was the mother of a six-year-old child.

Thinking of this, she felt a little relieved. After all, she had a son as lovely as Bran. She came to the playground where she often came before and looked at it. It didn't change much.

She had a really different feeling now. She still remembered that every time she was unhappy, she would come here alone. Watching those people sweating on the playground, she could not help feeling better.

"Louisa?" All of a sudden, there was an uncertain voice behind the figure, and that woman kept walking towards the figure.

Hearing that voice, Louisa's body stiffened. She would never forget it all her life. It was this acerbic voice that ruined everything.

Louisa really felt that her sky was going to collapse. If she was not pregnant with Bran, she would even doubt whether she could survive.

"It's really you, Louisa!" It was none other than Nora, Louisa's stepmother, who pushed her into hell.

Nora looked at the bright smile on Louisa's face and asked in disbelief.

They hadn't contacted her for so many years. She even thought Louisa would die. But now, he came back unexpectedly. How could she not be shocked.

"It's me." No matter how hard she tried to persuade herself to call her mother, she still couldn't to do it. It was not true to say that she didn't hate her after Nora did such a thing to her.

"Why... Why are you back? " When Nora really saw the face of Louisa, she pointed at her and asked in surprise.

What Nora thought in her heart was that Louisa would never come back. Then everything in the family would belong to her and her daughter forever.

"I have some work to do here. If there is nothing else, I will leave first."

He really didn't want to talk to Nora. But now he could tell from Nora's face that she didn't want him to come back at all. But now she had nothing to do with her family. All the things here had nothing to do with her since the moment she decided to leave.

"Stop! I haven't finished yet. Do you think you are full now and don't need to listen to us. How could you be so rude? "

Nora hadn't been treated like this before. No matter how much she bullied her, she would always forgive her after a few words.

She didn't tell her father that she had left alone after such a terrible thing happened last time.

"Since the moment I left, I had nothing to do with the family. So I don't have to listen to you anymore. I have to go now. "

Then she turned around and left. But Nora wouldn't let her go so easily. She hadn't made it clear to Louisa yet. Moreover, she bullied Louisa all the time. How could she tolerate Louisa treated her like that.

"You are shameless to mention this. You are a disgrace to our family. "You did such bad things at a young age." What's more, you are pregnant with a bastard! "

Speaking of this, Nora was very angry because of that useless woman. Her daughter still lived in distress, and now she had the nerve to talk about it.

Even if she wanted to find a good husband for her daughter, people said that Louisa was pregnant before marriage and that there were problems with the education of her family.

"You..." Louisa hadn't thought that she would be so shameless to make fun of her now. If it weren't for her, all these things would not have happened.

"What's wrong with me? Now you couldn't support yourself and wanted to go back to seek help of family. No way. Don't even think about it. You are not a member of the family any more. We feel the shame on you "

Nora was thrilled to see Louisa's body trembling. After so many years of grievances, she finally felt better.

Besides, no matter what kind of method she would use, she would not allow Louisa to return to the family. If she did go back, her secret would be exposed sooner or later.

"Yancy?" Just then, a man stood behind Louisa with a surprised look on his face.

She looked at the figure of Yancy and called her another name with doubt.

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