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   Chapter 12 Meet Again

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Louisa never hid her feelings, no matter how happy or angry she was.

"Why are you standing there? Come here and have breakfast. Have you forgotten that we are going to the company later? "

Susie frowned and shouted at her when she notice that Louisa was standing there. 'This woman is really annoying. If she dares to say that she has forgotten such an important thing, I swear I won't help but strangle her.' She thought.

"Aunt Susie, please don't be angry. You will get old if you are angry. My mother is very stupid. Please take care of her. "

At the same time, Bran stood out and put some meat on her plate. He looked at her flatteringly.

"Bran is more sensible. Your mother's brain hasn't grown for so many years."

Looking at the sensible Bran beside her, Susie looked at Louisa with disgust. His harsh words turned Louisa's face red.

"Hey, you two are enough. Don't go too far. Besides, you haven't grown up enough these years. "

Louisa couldn't stand this woman any more. After all, she had a temper. She didn't make a fuss with them just now, but they were insatiable and even asked for more. She couldn't stand them any more.

Especially when she saw the look on Bran's face, she was furious. Children of Others' were so cute and adorable. But why her child was just a little devil.

She was really pissed off by him who was thinking about how to set her up all day long. If she had known this earlier, she would have considered to whether to give birth to him.

"Louisa, what are you talking about? Don't be silly. You forgot your wallet when you go shopping and forget your clothes when you took a bath. "

As far as she knew, others always said that she didn't have a brain, but now she just didn't want to show her true face. So now Susie was like an angry night cat, ready to fight with Louisa at any time.

"Are you kidding me? I'm much better than you sell yourself. How dare you blame me for this? "

Louisa didn't want to show her weakness. After listening to their naive conversation, Bran sighed helplessly. He knew he shouldn't have attached too much hope on this woman, and she wouldn't admit it when she was worth it.

"Stop, stop, eat your breakfast. We need to get down to business after breakfast. I'm waiting for you two to make money to support me. "

Bran signaled them to be quiet. He was afraid that they might get into a big fight if he didn't say a word.


As soon as they heard what Bran said, they both gave a snort of contempt and then stopped eating.

After the meal, Susie and Louisa went out happily. The quarrel between Susie and Louisa would never last more than an hour. No matter how serious the problem was, they would be fine in a twinkling of an eye.

"Remember to behave well in the company and don't embarrass me. I won't go with you. It's so hot. It's not good for kids. "

Bran said to the girls in a loud voice before they left. Both of them became speechless after hearing what Bran said. Bran was really shameless and righteous.

They smiled at each other, got into the car and left. This was how they got along with each other. Although it looked noisy, it was warm and cozy.

When they arrived at the building of the Mu's Group, Louisa couldn't help but exclaim, "Wow, this company is so great, no wonder it lives up to its reputation in the country. What a grand building! It's really amazing! "

After hearing what Louisa said, Susie cast her a disdainful look. It was magnificent indeed, but could she wipe the saliva off her mouth.

"Can you stop being so humiliated? Everyone is looking at you. "

Unable to hold her anger any longer, she lowered her voice and reminded Louisa. If Louisa continued to act like this, Susie really had to think about whether she should pretend not to know her or not. It was so embarrassing. Now everyone was looking at them.

"Sorry, I was not myself just now."

It was not until she heard what Susie said that she remembered who she really was. He didn't know how to write it if the reporter saw her. Thinking of that, Louisa immediately calmed herself down and followed Susie into the building of the Mu's Group.

"Hello, I have an appointment with your CEO. Can I go upstairs now? "

If they want to go upstairs, they have to get through the front desk. Susie asked the receptionist of Mu's Group.

"Excuse me, miss, who are you?"

The receptionist didn't recognize her because her face was covered with sunglasses.

"I am Susie." After

these words, Susie took off her sunglasses. The receptionist saw her face and was very respectful.

"I'm sorry, Susie. I didn't recognize you just now. "Our CEO said that you can take the CEO's elevator if you come.". You can directly go to the CEO's office on the top floor. The CEO is waiting for you there. "

The receptionist explained to Susie respectfully and led them to the place of the elevator. With these words, she showed them the way to the elevator. Then Susie and Louisa got into the elevator.

"I didn't expect your face to be useful." At the moment the elevator door closed, Louisa teased her.

Susie was once a noble, cool and elegant goddess when she came out. But when she came back home, she changed her face immediately.

"No one will regard you as a dumb even if you don't say anything. What's more, I make a living by my face. Why are you jealous?"

Hearing what Louisa said, Susie could not help but make fun of her. Only in front of Louisa and Bran, she would show her original face.

Susie even couldn't believe that she could make it through without Louisa and Bran. Although Rose had never said it on the face, she still remembered it was a good thing that Sheryl had not lost a little bit to her.

"Huh, how could you be so narcissistic?" After hearing what Susie said, Louisa gave her a scornful look and stopped talking.

Because she found that the elevator was almost there. After all, it was outside. She thought that she'd better not go too far.

"That's what I deserve as a narcissist." As she was speaking, the elevator door opened.

But when Louisa saw the person who was standing in front of the elevator, her heart beat slower. She didn't know why she met this man here. She didn't know if he knew her.

But she recognized this man at the first sight. He was still the same as several years ago. However, Louisa didn't have the mood to admire the handsome guy.

She looked at him nervously. When she saw the man talking to people around him and didn't notice her. She turned around and ran to the elevator. There was only one thought in her mind, that was, she would never let that man see her.

Unexpectedly, when she turned around, she bumped into Bruce who just came back from outside. Just when Bruce came back from outside, he felt a dark figure throwing herself into his arms.

His face fell at once. But before he could see clearly who the person was, the person ran away from his arms in a hurry.

Bruce only felt that his arms were empty. Then he saw a woman enter the elevator. Bruce's face darkened. He had never been treated like this before.

Bobby, who was following behind Bruce, saw his pale face and couldn't help but cry in his heart, "shit!".

Their boss had been in a bad mood because of the car accident and his nose was effected. Now he was hugged by a woman.

His boss must be in a terrible mood now, Bobby glanced at him cautiously. As expected, when Bobby saw that his boss looked terrible, he couldn't help but cry in his heart.

But even though Bruce was not satisfied with this, he still treated her as an impolite woman. Then he saw Ken standing in front of the elevator, so he didn't blame her for her impoliteness anymore.

"So you come back at last." Ken couldn't help but mock when he saw Bruce. He was asked to come to the company to see him, but he disappeared.

"Have you finished your work? Didn't I tell you to wait for me in my office? " Bruce ignored Ken's sarcasm and went down from the elevator.

However, when he walked to his own office, she didn't notice the resentment in Ken's eyes.

But now, even though Ken was unwilling to admit, Bruce was still the successor of the company. Even though he was unwilling to give up, he had to go to his office with Bruce. After they left, Susie found that Louisa was gone.

Louisa and Ken gave her too much shock just now, so she stopped her steps to catch up with Louisa. Now that they had left, of course Susie would go to find Louisa. She ran out in a hurry and didn't know where she was now.

"Susie, our CEO has agreed to your request. We can sign the contract now. I wonder if you are convenient now?"

It was not until then that Bobby saw Susie, who had been standing in the corner. With a cheerful face, he greeted her.

Susie took a look at the direction where Louisa disappeared and thought that Louisa would be fine since she grew up here. Now that she had signed the contract, there was no need for her to come back.

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