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   Chapter 10 Sign The Contract

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He had heard of Yancy. She was a famous international designer with great potential. But she was mysterious and seldom people saw her.

"Yes." Looking at Bobby's happy face, Susie knew she would make a good job. After all, Louisa was a star in the country.

She has brought such a good designer to their company. They should thank her.

"If so, may I have the honor to meet Yancy? I think it's better to have a face-to-face talk with her."

Although Bobby really wanted to sign this potential designer for his company right away, he still didn't forget that neither of them were the persons concerned in this case. So he decided to talk with the persons concerned in the meeting first.

"It's not convenient for her to go out now. I am the representative of her full authority. If possible, I want to sign the contract with you right now. Many companies had contacted her after she came back. She wants to cooperate with me because we are good friends. "

Susie lied. In fact, few people knew that Louisa had returned yet. And she couldn't find any company which wanted to work with her. Otherwise, she wouldn't have been worrying about her job.

"This contract cannot be signed now. We can sign it together tomorrow. But I can make a promise. If it is for Yancy, we can try our best to meet your requirements. "

Sitting opposite to them, Bobby felt uncertain. Because of the excessive enthusiasm of Susie, he started to doubt if Yancy was true.

Under Bobby's suspicious gaze, Susie suddenly realized that she had crossed the line. People would believe that they were not real if she behaved so optimistic.

"Bobby, please don't get me wrong. I'm telling the truth. But we are good friends and we have never been separated. I don't want her to work in any other company. That's why I want her to work in your company. " Explained Susie.

Thinking of her reaction just now, Susie couldn't help but wiped her sweat. If Bran knew it, he would definitely despise her for a while. She was stupid enough to forget such a simple thing.

"Oh, I see. Susie, don't worry. I trust the Mu's Group. Your friend, Yancy, will definitely choose the Mu's Group. What do you think? "

Hearing her explanation, Bobby breathed a sigh of relief. It made sense if she was telling the truth. After all, he had heard that Susie was a good friend of Yancy.

It seemed that he had thought too much just now. It would be a good choice if he could hire Yancy as the designer of their company.

"Can we sign the contract now?"

Susie asked anxiously. She had been waiting to show off with the contract. This was the first time that she had done such a thing. In the past, she had been together with Louisa.

Thinking of the contemptuous eyes Bran gave her, she felt very unconvinced. 'damn it! Why should I be disdained? Now I will show Bran my capability.'.

"I'm sorry but I still can't accept it. First, I didn't bring the contract with me this time. I don't have the right to make such a decision for the time being. Second, it needs Yancy coming to deal with it by herself. "

Bobby was amused by her reaction. He didn't expect that a star could be so easy-going. He had been with Bruce for many years, and he had seen many stars. Now he felt no pressure with Susie.

"Here's the thing. All right."

When she heard Bobby's words, she felt like a deflated balloon and agreed reluctantly. It seemed that she couldn't do that. She would be laughed at by Bran when she got back.

"I am not sure if Susie has any other requirements. If you has any other requirements, please let me know. I can ask for instructions from our CEO. "

Bobby really wanted to laugh, but he refrained himself from laughing as he was a gentleman.

Bobby asked her when he thought of the unfinished business. He didn't know how to explain it to Bruce, because she didn't say anything.

"That's all I want. As for the contract, you can talk to my agent. My biggest request is to have Yancy cooperate with me. "

Susie was not interested in those troublesome terms. Besides, even if she read them, she still couldn't understand. She stressed the most important thing for him.

"Okay, I will truthfully tell Susie's requirements to our CEO, and wish us a pleasant cooperation."

Bobby raised the cup of coffee in his hand with a big smile on his face. He believed that his boss would defi

nitely agree to her request. Because it would do them good anyway. Why wouldn't they agree.

"Well, wish us a pleasant cooperation."

Then they reached for the coffee and clinked glasses. They reached an agreement.

Susie would be back to their new home in a good mood. Bran would not look down upon her this time. Because she finally succeeded in selling Louisa to a rich man.

"You're back. How is it going? "

The moment Susie opened the door, Louisa and Bran were standing at the door and asking her. They looked very gossipy. This was the first time for her to talk about this kind of business alone. She was really worried that she might sell her.

"Everything is settled. They agreed to sign the contract with you."

She was wearing high heels and slippers one after another.

"Really? Did they really agree to sign the contract with me? "

After hearing what Susie said, Louisa asked back happily. She did not expect that they really agreed to sign her. 'If it was true, she would have gone with them. I spent the whole night worrying about her. She is really annoying, 'she thought.

"Of course it's true. When did I lie to you?"

She looked at Louisa coldly. Didn't she believe what she said now? Moreover, was it necessary for her to lie to her? This woman was pissed off. Seeing the coldness on Susie's face, Louisa scowled at her and put on her slippers.

"I was just joking. I was just too happy."

Not knowing what else to say, Louisa explained nervously. If Susie was really angry, the consequences would be serious. Moreover, since Susie found a job for her, she decided not to lower herself to the same level as Susie.

"That's good. We are going to work in the same company. That's so great."

Hearing that, Susie could no longer hide her nervousness on her face. Thus, she hopped into the room, holding Louisa. Bran, who was still standing at the door, was speechless. Why were these two idiots so happy.

The person who should be happy was supposed to be someone from the Mu's Group, not the two of them. Indeed, he couldn't trust Susie too much. This time, she didn't sell him, but sold his mother.

The most hateful thing was that his mother was sold, and she was happy to count the money for others. How could he be so unlucky to have such two stupid women? When would the miserable life come to an end.

"Stop laughing, it's so ugly."

Bran complained to the woman who had been laughing the whole night. She was so silly to sit there laughing by herself. He couldn't bear to look straight at this damn woman.

"How dare you say I'm ugly? Don't you know whose beauty you have inherited from?"

She didn't want to lower herself to the same level as Bran. She was very happy that she had found a job today. No matter what Bran said, she decided to forgive him.

But after hearing that, Bran's face completely darkened. 'Damn it! How dare she say this to me! Fortunately, I didn't get her at all.'. If he was as stupid as she was, it was better for him to crush to death.

"Bran, I can tell from your expression that you dislike me very much,"

Looking at the contemptuous look on Bran's face, Louisa was furious. 'He always dislikes me! He can't be here without her.' she thought.

"Congratulations! You are not blind!"

Bran looked at Louisa, but what he said made Louisa more furious. Was this what a son should say to his mother? She was so unlucky to have such a hard-working son who bullied her all day long.

Thinking of this, she couldn't help crying out loud and wanted to go to the toilet.

"What are you going to do?"

Bran was taken aback by the sudden movement of Louisa. Why did she make such a hasty decision all of a sudden?

"I'm going to the bathroom."

As soon as she said that in a dull tone, she went to the bathroom. Looking at her back, Bran smiled helplessly.

Twenty minutes later, Louisa still didn't come out of the restroom. Bran could no longer keep smiling.

"Mom, are you really crying and passed out in the bathroom?"

Bran stood at the door of the bathroom and shouted to the bedroom. He listened carefully and confirmed that there was indeed no sound inside. Hearing that, Bran became a little nervous. He was worried that something might have happened to Louisa.

The answer to Bran was a silence. If Bran's height allowed, he would have kicked the door open.

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