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   Chapter 9 Negotiation

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It was not because she was too dependent on Louisa that she asked Louisa to go with her this time. It was because she knew about the recruitment of the Mu's Group, she wanted her to apply for a job.

"If so, I can't even go there. What if he doesn't want me. It would be so embarrassing if I go there. Why don't you go and talk with them first? "

After listening to the arrangement of Susie, Louisa looked at her with a disapproving look. If they did not want her, it would be too ashamed. She had heard about the Mu's Group when she was abroad. It was a very powerful company. Otherwise, she wouldn't let Susie come back to China deliberately.

A big company like this was usually disciplined. She didn't know if it would agree to her request. In order not to embarrass her, Louisa had decided not to go with her. Even if she was not willing to talk with her, she could say that she didn't know.

"What you said makes sense. It's my fault. In that case, I will go to meet the people of the Mu's Group first and tell them about it. If they agree, we can go to the Mu's Group to sign the contract together. "

After hearing what Louisa said, Susie looked thoughtful. She thought, 'why didn't I think of that before?'.

But she believed that the Mu's Group wouldn't turn down talents if they know how to find a talent. It was a big loss to them.

"It's already half past one. Are you sure you can get there before three?" Bran stood at the door of the kitchen, looking at her doubtfully. If she was late for the first meeting, would they regret to cooperate with her.

"Bastard, why didn't you remind me earlier. Shoot! Time was running out. I'll settle accounts with you when I come back. "

After hearing what Bran said, she thought it would take some time to get the central city from here, so she started to pack up her things in a hurry. She couldn't help but complain to Bran.

Bran looked at her, feeling speechless. How could he be blamed for this kind of thing. 'Women are really crazy. They think in a unique way.' He thought.

The two people were gloating over Susie's reaction. They watched as she was packing her things in a hurry. But they didn't seem to have the heart to see her like this. They just kept staring at her. 'You two are so ungrateful. You have to know that I'm busy for you. 'They are still gloating here. Now she finally knows what it is to make wrong friends carelessly.' She thought.

"You don't want this job, do you? Then I won't go to meet the people from the Mu's Group. Humph! "

She glared at them, snorted, and sat down on the sofa.

After hearing what she said, Louisa and Bran looked at each other, and both of them shook their heads when they saw the unreasonable woman sitting there.

Finally, Bran made a decision. He packed up her bags and took her bag in front of her. "I'm waiting for you to make money for me. You can go now."

He was beaten by how capable these two women were. Now, it is he as a child to take care of them.

"Well, do you still need me to support you? Your mother is a famous designer in the world. How could she possibly take a fancy to a superstar like me? "

Susie complained to Bran in a sour tone while intentionally casting a glance at Louisa. As soon as she heard that, she choked on her fruit. She didn't know why it had something to do with her.

After hearing Susie's words, Louisa put the banana in her hand into her mouth and said fawningly, "Susie, if you were a little star, I would have been dust off. Please forgive me! I was wrong! "

Susie was here was not only her own dream, but also that of Louisa. Back then, Louisa had to give up her dream and majored in design because of Bran.

But dancing had always been her dream. That was why she had helped Susie achieve what she had today. It was not easy for Susie to find such a good chance. Louisa wouldn't let her give up.

"That's good. You can stay here and wait for my good news."

Glancing at Louisa and Bran who were acting like a lackey, she felt satisfied.

After sending Susie out of the villa, both Louisa and Bran sank into the sofa, shame on their faces.

"Mom, do you smell anything?" All of a sudden, Bran sat up and frowned at Louisa. Why did he smell a smell of burning? When he thought of this, Bran's face turned pale.

"No, I haven't Oh my God! " She then ran to the kitchen because she forgot she was cooking when talking to Susie just now.

She forgot that her noodles were still boiling. She didn't realize that until Bran reminded her.

Staring at the blackened face and the furnace, she lowered her head, looking like a child who had made a mistake.

Bran stood there, frowning and looking at his mother with his head aching. If the kitchen was ruined the first day they moved in, Susie would be crazy when she came back.

"Ha ha, this is definitely an accident. If Susie hadn't told me about it, I wou

ldn't have forgotten that I was cooking in the kitchen. "

Although Louisa apologized, what she said put the blame on Susie. She looked at Bran carefully while speaking. When she saw that Bran frowned, she lowered her head with a guilty conscience.

"Okay, you can go out now. I will cook dinner for you today." Bran sighed and waved his hand in front of her. He knew he couldn't let the woman go into the kitchen. What happened just now was the price.

Men were always very tired, especially those who lived with two idiots women. But he had been used to it, since he was able to take care of himself. Besides looking after himself, he had to take care of the two women.

"Bran, I know you are great. And make it look the same as it was before aunt Susie came back. If your aunt Susie figure it out, we'll be in trouble. "

After hearing Bran's words, Louisa kissed Bran's cheek with great joy. She wondered how could he have such a smart son.

"No, why did you kiss me?"

Bran wiped his face in disgust. What he hated most was women's saliva. Unfortunately, his mother and Susie were always trying to find excuses to refute him. This really pissed him off.

"You brat, you should respect me. I'm your mother. I want to know who will live with you if I really die. "

Louisa banged her palm on Bran's head. She was not pleased with him. Her son was precocious and frightening. He could always say harsh words to her.

Bran didn't say anything after being slapped. He just looked up at the woman with tears in his eyes. Seeing that, Louisa's heart melted. She felt that she had just said too much.

No matter how precocious Bran was, he was still a child at present. As a mother, she was really not qualified. At the thought of this, Louisa looked at Bran with an apologetic face and said, "Bran, I'm sorry. I played a joke on you just now. I'll clean it up. How about you go there and play some games? "

Said Louisa in a particularly soft voice, as if she was afraid of scaring Bran. Looking at Louisa's face, Bran nodded obediently and walked out of the kitchen.

As soon as she turned around, Bran reached out and wiped the tears from the corners of his eyes. A triumphant smile was plastered on his face. Well, if Louisa really wanted to start a fight with him, she was no match for him at all. Now she had to clean the kitchen obediently. This method worked on her and often worked on her.

Bran was obedient to his mother and played his game on the sofa. Looking at his sad figure, Louisa wondered if she was too much.

After rushing out of the room, Susie suddenly realized that she had forgotten an important thing. She wasn't in America. She hadn't bought a car yet.

She could do nothing but sigh helplessly. She could only casually call a taxi to the appointed place.

"Hello, are you from the Mu's Group?" When she pushed the door open, she saw a man in a suit sitting at a table near the window. Out of courtesy, she walked up to him and asked.

"Hello, Susie. I'm Bobby, Secretary to the president of the Mu's Group. " The man stood up respectfully and introduced himself to her. He even pulled out the chair for her to sit down like a gentleman.

"Hello. I'm Susie. " Without introducing too much and there was no need to introduce more.

Susie believed that he had recognized her at first sight.

"Susie, please have a seat. I have heard a lot about you. I found that famous painting is not as good as meeting, you are more beautiful than the photo. "

Bobby showed her the way to sit down. Then he smiled at Susie and greeted her politely.

"Bobby, you are a good talker. But I like to be straightforward. I want to recommend a person to your company. Is that okay? "

Every woman liked compliments, and Susie was no exception. But she didn't forget her real purpose of coming here, so she asked him directly.

Bobby was a little shocked by her words, but he was a well trained secretary. But soon he came back to her senses. He smiled at Susie and said, "Susie, we think highly of our cooperation. So we'll accept any conditions as long as your condition isn't so far, and even the president gave me enough rights before coming here. "

They had been well prepared this time, for Susie was quite famous both at home and abroad. The more important, Susie was very matched to their theme. It would be better for them to cooperate with the woman, no matter what the cost would be.

"Actually, this is my friend Yancy, the well-known all over the world. This time, she came back with me. I want to cooperate with her. I don't know if you can make it. "

Susie thought no one would refuse her. After all, she had a good reputation in the country. If Mu's Group refused her, they should be stupid. If so, there was no need to cooperate with them.

"Susie, are you talking about Yancy, the indoor designer?"

Bobby asked in surprise after he heard it.

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