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   Chapter 8 A Peaceful Life

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But why did she still have some feelings? She hoped that they would never have any contact in the future. It was just a mistake. She had met the wrong person in such a wrong time. But what she had done was totally a mistake!

The car stopped slowly and stopped in front of a villa. She had gotten everything arranged before she came back.

She bought a small house just for three of them. Of course, she was Bran's sworn mother. She could do nothing about it. If the house was too old, Brian would certainly tear down the tiles.

"What now?" "What are you doing here?".

"This is our home from now on. We have always been together in the world, you, Bran and me. What do you think?" With a big smile on her face.

"If I'm not mistaken, you have a family, don't you? Why do you live with us? You haven't been home for a long time. Don't you miss uncle and aunt? "

Anyway, she didn't miss her family. Why would she go back?

"Mommy, I don't want to live in a rent house. He could accept a rent house if last tenant loved to clean the house. What if the previous tenant takes a woman home every day? Can we still live in such a house? "

Said Bran, dissatisfied, pouting.

Hearing what Bran said, Louisa's eyes widened and her mouth was wide open unconsciously. She was just enjoying the surrounding view, but the next second she was stunned.

"Baby, how do you know so much?"

She always knew that her son was not simple, but how could he even know the affairs between a man and a woman! It was unbelievable!

"Mommy, your question is too simple. Nowadays, even a three-year-old kid can understand it. Why do you still ask me such a childish question? I really doubt that your IQ is not high, right?"

Bran even doubted that his father was a genius.

Of course, he wouldn't mention anything about his daddy, because his mommy didn't like to mention anything about him.

With her eyes wide open, she asked in astonishment, "when did Mommy get an negative IQ?"

Bran pouted and said seriously, "Mommy, have you forgotten? When we were in America, we went shopping and bought a lot of things. You even asked me to help you carry them. But when we arrived at the cashier's desk, you said you forgot to take your wallet with you. And there was another time, I went out with you. You didn't change your clothes after taking a shower at night... "

These words were very easy for Bran.

"Wait, wait, wait! My dear son, don't tell aunt Susie about my embarrassing stories!" Louisa winked at her son fiercely.

However, the baby didn't answer his question but said to himself, "it doesn't matter. My aunt Susie is as intelligent as my mommy. She forgot to bring her pants with her when she took a bath, and forgot to add salt when she cook... "

He was like a thorn in the flesh, speaking out their problems.

Hearing that, Susie immediately covered Bran's mouth with her hand and said, "little devil, how come you talked about me like that?" Just now she was laughing loudly, but the next moment she became angry and fierce.

"Did I say anything wrong? Do you want me to say something more? I guess that my mom has never known about it. "

"Really? What else do you have against me? "

"Come on, sweetheart. If you're satisfied with it, I'll take you to eat pizza tonight," she said with a broad smile on her face

"I'm tired of pizza. If mom could change something else, I would consider it." Bran came straight to the point.

"Then, let's go to an Italian restaurant, have some spaghetti."

"Mommy!" Bran was speechless with his mommy.

Spaghetti People on the street could add something new to the scene?

He spoke out his thought and looked at Louisa with bright eyes, "shouldn't you take me to eat local food? Or you can show me around. I've just arrived here and I'm not familiar with this place yet. "

Louisa had no choice but to nod her head helplessly.

"My mommy agreed. And you saw it, aunt Susie. If she repents, we will just ignore her. " Bran pouted. His little face looked much more handsome than others.

"Okay. I also want to know what secrets you have to tell your mommy."

It seemed that they hadn't entered their new home and had been standing outside all the time!

"Hey, can we go in and have a seat? Don't you feel tired standing outside?"

After saying that, she felt pain all over her body.

"Mommy, are you getting old?" Little Bran said in a naughty tone.

"I don't care. I want to go in anyway. Enjoy yourselves outside."

It was intoxicated with the beauty from outside. What is it inside?

"Come on, guys. Let me show you the way." Susie said to them with a smile

She walked to the door, took out a key from her pocket and turned it. Then t

he door was open.

Bran rushed into the villa first.

When the three of them entered the villa, they found that this small villa was really different from before! It was just like a place of Monkey King. It looked less surprising outside, but its inside was full of surprise.

The hall was not only European style, but also vintage. At the corner of the room, there was a porcelain vase with bluish flowers on it. It must be a blue and white porcelain vase. The table was full of flowers, like the freshest flower, at its peak. The window was a typical European style, with classic style.

Walking in it gave them the feeling of walking around the court. The floor was spotless, just like a newly decorated house. Everyone could not help feeling happy.

"Not bad! It's much better than the house we lived in the US. " Bran said in a childish voice.

"Of course. This is the house I've loved when I was in America. I've bought it for two months and hired people to clean it every day. Do you think it's good? " Susie said with a smile.

Since Bran came back to China, he talked more and more. He was more outgoing.

"You're such a fool. I didn't expect that aunt Susie are so stupid. Did your mother know it?" Bran made fun of her.

"Why am I so stupid?"

"It's a secret." Bran deliberately posed a puzzle.

"Come on!" Susie was not interested in his compliments anymore. She rolled her eyes at him and paid no more attention to him.

Louisa felt that she was ignored. She walked to them and said, "you two really have fun! You don't take me seriously at all! "

Just as she was about to connect, the phone suddenly rang.

It was an unfamiliar number. Ignoring it, Susie continued to pack her things. But the phone kept ringing.

"Fool, it's time for you to answer the phone. If the phone keeps ringing, something urgent must happen. Don't regret it if you miss it! "

Bran was still playing the online game, but he was annoyed by the phone call.

Susie threw a pillow to Bran, but he deftly escaped it.

Little Bran said angrily, "Mommy, aunt Susie is going to kill me. Come and help me!"

"Bran, this is my home. If you keep quarreling, I will drive you out."

She thought that she could frighten Bran by doing that, but she didn't expect him to go even further.

"Mommy, aunt Susie said she would throw me out and leave me alone. Mommy, come here to protect me!"

Hearing his son's words, Louisa almost laughed out loud when she was cooking. She found that Bran was really getting more and more lovely!

"Oh, my goddess! Can you just shut up? I'm answering the phone." Sue was enraged.

"That's very good! My dear aunt, see, I have passed another test. I am really a genius!" Little Bran was full of confidence.

"Hello." Finally, Susie answered the phone.

"Hello, is that Susie?" The man's voice sounded very gentle.

Susie was shocked. She didn't tell anyone her phone number since she came back. It seemed that this person was not simple.

"Yes. What can I do for you?"

"Well, our group contacted you before? I'm from the Mu's Group. Can I talk to you in person? " The man said sincerely.

"Please give me an exact time. I'll be there in a minute." She returned to China this time to endorse the Mu's Group. She attached great importance to this contract and naturally couldn't let down guard.

"Okay. Would you come at three o'clock this afternoon?" The man said softly.

"No problem." "Tell me where you are. I'll be there soon." Said Susie.

"I'll wait for you in Branca Themed Restaurant." Hearing his words, Susie thought it wasn't too late, so she replied, "okay. I'll be there on time. "

"Then I will wait for you here." The person at the other end of the phone replied politely and hung up.

Susie went to the kitchen to look for Louisa. Seeing that Louisa was preparing fruit, she had a guts to hide herself and said, "dear, someone from the Mu's Group called me just now. We will meet at 3 p.m. this afternoon. Let's go now. "

After hearing what Susie said, Louisa could not help but roll her eyes. She always felt that she had raised two children all these years. The real little boy, however, didn't need Louisa to worry about, but Susie had always been relying on her.

"He asked you out. What am I going to do?" She wanted Susie to learn to be independent. Compared with Bran, she was more dependent.

So this time, she had made up her mind to let Susie talk about it alone.

"Of course I ask you to go there for some reason. Now that you're back to your country, do you need a job? As far as I know, the Mu's Group is recruiting a designer. So you have to take this opportunity and apply for a job. Then that we can work in a company. "

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