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   Chapter 7 Encounter On The Plane

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That evening, they took a direct flight to the United States.

Because the flight tickets were bought separately, so they didn't sit together naturally. Susie helped Louisa sit down in her seat and then went to her own seat in front of the cabin.

Looking through the window beside the seat and thinking that she was going to a strange country, she felt hard to calm down. So she simply closed her eyes, intending to sleep.

"May I sit here?" A cold male voice said.

Louisa opened her eyes and saw her coat on the seat next to her. She quickly picked up her coat and looked at the man beside the seat. "Excuse me, I..."

The man was tall, slender and well-shaped. He had dark eyes and handsome face that it would attract women easily. Even an outstanding sculptor could not carve his perfect face. You would be attracted by this handsome and masculine man at the first sight.

However, when Louisa saw the man, her eyes were filled with fear, not love. She quickly lowered her head and unfastened the seat belt with trembling hands before she even finished apologizing.

Seeing the girl's panic like seeing a ghost, the man frowned in surprise. But his good education kept him in a polite manner. "What's the matter? What can I do for you? "

In a panic, she didn't pay any attention to what the man said, and continued to unbutton the seat with her shaking hands.

Noticing her intention, the man bent over to unfasten her seat belt. But before his hand could touch her seat belt, the girl screamed in horror and shook away the man's hand which reached for her.

And this action successfully attracted the attention of Susie who was in front of them.

Upon seeing Louisa's bad look, Susie walked up to her and asked with concern, "what's wrong? You don't look good! "

As she spoke, she saw the hand of a handsome man next to her floating in the air. Like thinking of something, she angrily pointed at the man's nose with disgust.

"I didn't expect you to be such a playboy. I didn't expect you to be so bold that you even flirt with my friend."

Her voice was loud and it was very quiet in the cabin. Hearing her words, all the passengers in the cabin instantly cast a disdainful look at that man.

Noticing the contemptuous gazes boring into him from the people around, Ken's handsome face suddenly turned cold. He just wanted to unfasten the safety belt for the woman who behaved strangely. How come it be like this? He pondered.

As the third son of Mu family, he could get any kind of woman he wanted. There was no need for him to harass a little girl who just met him for five minutes?

Ken was both angry and annoyed. He turned his head and was about to argue with the girl next to him, but the girl didn't even look at him. She just blinked and looked at another girl, who was pointing at him and cursing, with her flustered and pitiful eyes. Ken almost spat out blood.

"Susie, would you like to exchange seats with me?"

Her words made it true that she was harassed by him.

Hearing this, Susie gave the man a glare and pushed him away. She walked forward to unfasten the seat belt for Louisa and patted her on the shoulder, comforting, "you can go to my seat now! I am here. He will never do anything to you. "

In a hurry to run away from the man, Louisa even didn't have the time to care if she had misunderstood something, so she got up and rushed to sit in the seat of Susie even without looking at Ken.

Ken flew into a rage. But apparently the passenger in the cabin had already mistaken him as the bad guy. If he went to figure out the situation with Louisa, he would be the only one to lose face.

Thus, he only glanced at the woman who had caused the incident angrily and took his seat, closing his eyes for rest.

Noticing that the man had finally moved his eyes away from her, Louisa felt relieved. In just a few minutes, her palms were completely wet with sweat.

It never occurred to her that the man she had thought would never meet in her life had appeared in the same plane with her, and from his performance, he seemed to have forgotten her?

It made sense. He was obviously a man of high status. There must be a lot of women around him. How could he remember her?

Thinking of that chaotic and frightening night, Louisa curled up her thin body into her seat and closed her eyes.

An eleven hour flight, because of Ken, made her feel uneasy all the way. She didn't fall asleep until it was nearly dawn. When the plane arrived in the United States, she picked up her backpack and forgot to rush out of the cabin.

Ken, who had just taken the luggage, turned his head and saw Louisa rushing to the cabin door like a bullet. It seemed like she was chased by some horrible beast.

The more he thought about it, the angrier he became. He was always a good tempered man. However, he felt the impulse to vomit. He picked up his luggage and chased up the woman. However, he was stopped as soon as his feet touched the ground.

"You are not a kid anymore. Why are you still so imprudent?" A low and attractive male voice came through from the side of Ken.

When Ken saw clearly the face of the man who stopped him extremely similar to himself, the anger on his face instantly disappeared. He said with a cold face, "brother, why are you here?"

In the Mu family, the most hateful person was his second elder brother Bruce.

In particular,

this time, he had screwed up a domestic project which was charged by him. He had planned to go to the United States for relaxation. But he didn't expect that the first person he saw after getting off the plane was Bruce!

Bruce looked at his watch and said, "there is an important meeting at one o'clock, you go. If you can reach an agreement, the profit will be doubled as much as that in our domestic case. It can be regarded as the compensation for domestic projects. If you can't reach an agreement... "

After a pause, Bruce looked at Ken with his brooding eyes and said, "if you can't reach an agreement, I will settle accounts with you for the new accounts after you come back from abroad!"

Then, he gestured to his secretary and they went to the staircase together, preparing to board the plane.

Just as Bruce was climbing the staircase, a cab galloping past them.

If Louisa raised her head and looked at them, she would see these two men looking exactly the same as the men she had remembered that night. If Bruce was willing to look back, he might be able to see the woman for whom he had been looking for a month.

Six years later.

At the airport of Z City, a large number of reporters had gathered at the airport entrance. They were all tiptoeing, stretching their necks and peering into the exit.

When a tall woman with a curvaceous figure half covered by her sunglasses appeared, the reporters couldn't help but rush towards her.

"Susie, you have become the top dancer in America. Do you have any special reason to come back this time?"

"Essie, I heard that you are in a passionate love with a famous star from America. Is that true?"


The reporters kept raising questions, but it was obvious that the tall and beautiful woman named Susie didn't intend to answer any questions today.

Then he dragged a beautiful young woman and a boy who looked five or six years old and walked out of the airport under the protection of the guards.

"Susie, I heard that you could make such a great achievement in dancing abroad, mostly due to your best friend. Is this true?"

A short journalist who looked like a rookie managed to get close to Susie and asked a question that was not out of question.

Out of the reporter expectation, it was this ordinary question that made the tall woman who had looked steadily forward on the way stopped.

With a warm look in her beautiful eyes, she took off her sunglasses and pulled the woman in a cap aside. Then she took the microphone from the reporter and said, "you're right. She was my best friend.

Six years ago, she accompanied me to dance after a day's class, regardless of her hard work. If she didn't analyze every dance movement with me patiently every day, if she didn't encourage me and cheer me up when I was in a valley.

Maybe no one knows there will be a person like me on the stage today. So I want everyone to remember her name, my best friend, Louisa!"

As soon as her words dropped, the crowd burst into an uproar. They turned their cameras to Louisa and took pictures.

Louisa, who used to be low-key, suddenly became the focus of so many journalists. She only felt great pressure. She pinched her waist secretly and whispered in her ear, "you know that I don't like this kind of scene. Why do you still mention me in public?"

Susie stuck out her tongue and said with a smile, "you deserve it. I just want the whole world to know it!"

Susie's words warmed her heart.

When they finally broke through the crowd and got out of the airport, a silver gray Maserati was waiting for them at the gate.

After being surrounded by reporters to ask all kinds of questions, Louisa almost ran towards the car with the little boy next to her.

It was not until the car door was closed that Louisa took a deep breath. She took off her cap and her hair poured down, which made her beautiful face even hotter.

Judging from her appearance and figure, no one could imagine that a woman in her early twenties would be a mother of a five-year-old child?

The boy took out a handkerchief from his pocket considerately and wiped the sweat off her forehead. Then he wrinkled his nose as he looked at Susie who was sitting in the passenger seat.

"How silly you are! What if that man finds my mother?"

Sue raised her eyebrows as if she had already got used to the way a boy looked like an adult. She said, "that man didn't recognize your mother when he was so close to her on the plane. Now it has been six years, and your mother probably has been forgotten by him very early. How could he look for her? You are a fool! "

The boy curled his lips and said confidently, "it's just my intuition. Fool won't understand."

Hearing that, Susie was so angry that she glared at the boy and said, "Bran, you bastard! How dare you say that I'm a fool. Be careful that I won't cook dinner for you tonight!"

Hearing that, a disdainful expression appeared on Brian's delicate face. Raising his eyebrows, he said, "cooking a porridge is like tearing down a house, let alone cook for me. Don't brag!"

Sitting next to them, Louisa looked at the noisy ambience between them. It seemed that she had gotten used to it. She sighed helplessly and then ignored them. There was a touch of worry in her dark eyes.

It had been six years since the last time she saw him, and she believed that he had already forgotten her.

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