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   Chapter 6 Miss The Hua Group (Part Two)

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"Pregnant? How could it be! " When she heard "pregnant", Louisa's heart trembled with nervousness. She took over the test report in an unbelievable expression, only to find that she was really pregnant!

In retrospect, they didn't seem to use any protective measures when they made love, and it was true that she didn't had her period this month!

How could this be! Darkness came over her eyes. She stumbled until she hit a wall behind her.

"I always thought you were a simple and pure girl who knew self-respect. I didn't expect you to be such a double faced girl. I have reported your matter to the headmaster and your parents. Take care!" Mrs. Liu said in a furious voice Then, Mrs. Liu slammed the door and left the office.

Pregnancy was a very serious matter in the dance school. Obviously, the old principal had made up his mind for he had dealt with it for many times. He looked coldly at the pale faced Louisa.

"I've told your father about you. He'll drop out for you soon. Wait for him outside."

Then he waved his hand at the door, beckoning her to leave. It seemed that he hated to see her.

Louisa didn't know how she walked out of the principal's office. Her phone in her pocket rang again and again, but she didn't notice it at all. She was just like a walking corpse, wandering around in the campus numbly.

She was just eighteen years old. It was horrible enough to have a one night stand, let alone she was pregnant for the man whose name was unknown?

Where could she go in the future? How could she face her family? What should she do with the baby?

"What's wrong with you, Louisa?" Susie had waited for a long time at the school gate, but Louisa still didn't show up. She wanted to go to the principal's office and have a look, but she saw the pale Louisa on the way.

Louisa raised her head to look at Susie woodenly. The flood that was pressing down on her heart seemed to give vent to her sorrow. She threw herself into the arms of Susie weakly and cried out loud, "Susie, I'm pregnant. What should I do! What should I do? "

At this moment, Susie had already calmed down. Seeing that Louisa had almost fainted in her arms, she patted slightly on her back to calm her down. Then she said in a low voice, "don't cry. Let's go home first." She struggled to hold the tearing Louisa and called a taxi to home.

Louisa cried all the way. When she returned to Susie's house, she finally calmed down, but her expression was still dull.

Looking at the phone that rang along the way and the number of her father on the screen, Susie hesitated for a while and pushed the phone to Louisa who was sitting on the sofa. she handed the phone to her and said, "you

have to face it. Your father will be anxious if you don't answer the phone all the time."

Looking at the phone that was still ringing, she felt her eyes were sour again, and finally pressed the "answer" button.

"I heard from your principal that you are pregnant." Stephanie asked angrily on the phone.

Hearing what her father said on the phone, Louisa opened her mouth but said nothing. Tears welled up in her eyes. She had suffered such a thing. She felt ashamed to face her father.

Having waited for a long time without hearing his daughter's reply, Stephanie became disappointed. He realized that what the principal said was probably true, so he immediately snapped, "go home now! I'll take you to have an abortion!" Then he hung up the phone.

Looking at the little pale face of Louisa, Susie took the phone from her hand and put it on the table. She frowned and said worriedly, "Louisa, your father is right. You can't have this child."

Louisa wiped the tears on her face, and suddenly looked at Susie as if she had made a decision, "the child is innocent. I can't kill a life for my own mistake."

"Louisa! Are you crazy? " Susie didn't expect that Louisa, who had always been fragile, would make such a decision. She couldn't help standing up and screaming.

"Your father won't agree! If you go home, he will ask you to have an abortion! And you don't even know the child's biological father. You can't keep the child. "

Susie knew that the abortion was cruel to the innocent and kind girl. But for the sake of Louisa, she must tell Louisa the importance about the decision she had made.

After thinking for a while, Louisa said firmly, "if only I go to America! I can give birth to the baby as long as I go to America. And I won't shame my father. Susie, take me to America! I'll make money by myself. I won't be a burden to you. "

Seeing the seriousness in Louisa's eyes, Susie heaved a sigh. For the first time, she had found that weak girls like Louisa could be so stubborn.

She had no choice but to sigh and said: "we are just friends. Don't waste our time. Since you have decided to go to America, you can go with me tonight! I won't be relieved if you stay here alone. "

Though Louisa looked like a weak and easily bullied girl, once she made a decision, she would never hesitate and never regret for it.

After she made the decision, she sent an apology message to her father and threw away her mobile card. She took her 20, 000 dollars which came from her dance competition bonus and part-time jobs the past years, as well as her passport and visa.

She left the place where she had lived for eighteen years and boarded the plane to America with Susie.

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