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   Chapter 5 Miss The Hua Group (Part One)

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"Mom, where are you? Why is the door locked? " Looking at the closed door, Louisa gripped the edge of the iron door with one hand, looking very weak.

She felt like she was abandoned.

"Well, Louisa, your sister and I went on a trip. I was worried that it might be not safe for you to stay at home alone, so I locked the door. You can stay at your friend's house for the next few days." Nora said in a casual tone, looking at Justina on the beach with smile in her eyes.

"But what about my visa? The teacher said it should be signed today. " Louisa got nervous suddenly.

At the mention of this matter, Nora got angry and raised her voice, "how dare you mention it? Have you kept your promise to help your sister? If it wasn't for your fault, your sister wouldn't have been in a bad mood, and I wouldn't have taken her out to relax. All right, that's it. I have poor signals in mountains. "

Then Nora hung up the phone with a devilish smile on her face.

"Mom Mom... " Shouted Louisa. However, no matter how hard she tried, all she could hear was the busy tone from the other end of the phone. She tried to call Nora again, only to find that her phone was powered off.

Louisa didn't know what to do. Her mind went blank for a second. The next second, she remembered a person and dialed it.

She was at a loss what to do. Her mind went blank for a second. The next second, after further consideration, she decided to ask for help from her father and quickly took out her phone and dialed his number.

But the phone kept ringing. The busy tone kept reminding her that she was not able to contact anyone. She was so upset that she squatted helplessly at the door and started crying.

As the sky grew darker, Louisa squatted down in front of a residential building, depressed and sorrowful. The disappointed expressions on her teacher's face when she told the teacher that she couldn't go to America were still rolling in her mind.

She had made great efforts to pursue her dreams. She had even sacrificed her virginity to have a chance to study abroad. But why not?

"Louisa? Why are you here? " A voice full of concern came to her.

When Louisa found it was her friend Susie, she started to cry. It was not until this moment that she found a place to pour out all her grievance and she cried with her friend in her arms.

At Susie's home, Susie looked at Louisa's red eyes, pulled out a few sheets and handed them to her. Then she said in righteous indignation: "your stepmother went too far. She is so shameless to do such a thing."

"Maybe she had her own reason." Louisa said in a choked voice.

"Why do you still speak for her? What the hell are you thinking about?" Louisa's eyes reddened again so Susie sighed and changed the subject. "you've missed such a good chance. What are you going to do next?"

"Another guy was picked up to go to America for me in the dance competition two

months later. I need to make it up. As for the accommodation, I'll find out if there is any cheap place to rent near the school recently."

Susie was dissatisfied with his words. She patted Louisa on her head and said, "what nonsense are you talking about? How can I let you rent a house all by yourself as I'm there? My parents are on a business trip recently and will be back in three months. Don't think about anything else and stay at my place during this period. Okay? "

Knowing that if she refused her kindness, Susie would be angry, so she nodded gratefully.

A month passed quietly, and the dance competition of the whole province officially entered into a tense preparation stage. The school also began to organize all the competitors to have physical examination before the competition.

After the check-up, Louisa looked up at the white clouds floating above her head and said to Susie with melancholy.

"I thought I could spend more time with you after I move in, but your parents contacted an American Dance Academy. When you go to America tonight, when can we meet again?"

Hearing that, Susie rubbed Louisa's long hair rudely and said with a smile, "I come back every year during the holiday! Besides... "

Suddenly, someone's voice was ringing in the campus.

"Louisa in grade three, class one, please arrive at the principal's office! Louisa in grade three, class one... " The broadcast didn't stop until it repeated three times.

"Why I am asked to go to the principal's office?" she asked.

Susie stand up and pull Louisa up from the grass and said with a smile, "didn't you lead the dance in this competition? I guess you are asked to discuss about competition! "

Louisa nodded and asked Susie to wait for her at the school gate to have lunch with her. Then she walked towards the dean's office alone.

'Was it truly for the competition?' All of a sudden, an uneasiness took over her.

As soon as she entered the principal's office, a few pieces of paper were smashed on her body.

Shocked, Louisa looked at the angry head teacher standing at the door of the principal's office. The teacher's eyes were full of surprise and panic.

"Mrs. Liu..." She didn't know what she had done to make this teacher, who had always been gentle, so angry. There was a trace of cowardice in her tone.

"Teacher?" Mr. Liu glared at the so-called "a proud student" standing in front of her. She was so angry that she wished she could slap her in the face right now. She controlled her anger and picked up the pieces of paper scattered on the ground and tossed them to Louisa.

"Is this your return to my cultivate on you? I have guided you to practice dancing and selected you to take part in the competition. Afterwards, I still chose you to be the leading dance of the competition regardless of previous suspicion. But as a result, it is your repay my cultivation on you with pregnancy? "

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