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   Chapter 4 A Strange Man (Part Two)

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Louisa turned her face to one side. It was burning, and more painful in her heart. Her stepmother didn't comfort her but beat her after such things happen.

Everything was kept in the room except for a shirt and trousers specially made for Bruce. The cost of that included 10 dollars.

'it's time for eating something.'. Even so, Bruce couldn't forgive himself for sleeping with the girl and leaving without notice.

In a presidential suite of a high-class hotel, Bruce frowned when he saw the dazzling red light on the white bed sheet.

It was from his subordinates. The monitoring on the road showed that the girl got off the car when she arrived at DX Garden. Because the girl walked against the monitor on the road and he couldn't see her face.

"Send me all the name lists of last night's party to my office, and everyone's profile and a clear face photo."

Bruce had a good memory. Even if he didn't know the girl's name, he could recognize her at first sight from her photo. The only regret was that he couldn't paint, otherwise he could draw the girl's appearance with his own hands.

In his mind, girl's clean face, delicate eyebrows, warm lips and soft waist appeared.

He turned around and carefully folded the sheets.

The two assistants standing behind him were both shocked. Their boss actually folded the sheets himself!

They wanted to help but didn't dare to do so. They didn't dare to get involved without the CEO's order. He then suffered from such a conflicting feeling.

The blood stain on his bed was left by his future wife. He believed that he could find her soon. He wanted to keep it.

After Louisa left home and went to school in spite of Nora and Justina, she was still very upset.

Sitting on the chair, she felt very uncomfortable and moved left and right.

"Louisa Louisa Louisa! Did you get hemorrhoids?" Looking at Louisa's worried face, her friend, Susie asked Louisa in a low voice.

"No, I didn't." Louisa was shocked. But because of the class, her voice was very low. "Why do you ask this?"

In fact, she felt guilty. She knew what had happened to herself, but she was afraid that Susie could see that, so she tried to be cautious.

Hearing her question, Susie stretched her brows and said, "My father always looks like you, so I'm worried that you get hemorrhoids like him. By the way, did your mother agree to your visa? Mr. Deng is leaving for America next Monday. "

"Next Monday?" "Isn't it next Friday? Why earlier? "

"Mrs. Zhang had a performance in America, so earlier than our plan."

Suddenly, Molly's phone rang

Just then, Mrs. Zhang came to the door and said, "everyone else is going to dance. Come with me, Louisa."

Mrs. Zhang was the dance teacher of Louisa. She was known for her strict discipline, but she was the best teacher in the school.

Following Mrs. Zhang, Louisa walked to the next door of the dance studio. Lowering her head and grasping the edge of her clothes, she said, "Mrs. Zhang, you look for me.. why do you look for me? "

She knows that Ms. Zhang asked for her visa and told her to perform in advance.


ve you told your family about your performance in America?" Asked Mrs. Zhang in a fairly kind tone.

"Yes, I did." Louisa was worried.

"That's good. We are going to America on Monday. Get the visa for it as soon as possible. This performance will affect your future career."

"Yes." Louisa nodded.

Mrs. Zhang heaved a sigh of relief and said, "Let's go to practice dancing."

"Well..." Louisa was a little nervous and her palms began to sweat. "Mrs. Zhang, I'm not feeling well today. Can I not practice dancing?"

"Not feeling well?" Mrs. Zhang was taken aback. "Sick?"

She didn't want any of her students to have problems at this juncture. She had practiced the dance for nearly a year.

"I eat something allergic yesterday by accident..." Louisa's voice faded away.

Mrs. Zhang breathed a sigh of relief, but her face was still grey, and her voice was very serious. "You are a student of the dancing class. You should cherish your own body. You should know clearly what you should eat and what you shouldn't eat."

"I know. I won't do that again." Louisa apologized.

Mrs. Zhang said, "then you can stay aside to watch everyone jump and help Susie. Remember to apply for the visa when you go back home at noon, ask your parents come to the school to sign in the afternoon. The school will apply for the visa for you all."

"Okay." She let out a sigh of relief, but meanwhile, she felt another problem was on her chest, making her uncomfortable. When Louisa's mother, Nora Zhao, left the house, she looked unhappy, not knowing whether she would sign the agreement or not.

In the hotel room, the atmosphere was solemn. The servants standing by were afraid to breathe heavily and kept their heads down. Bruce was furious, which made them feel pressure for no reason.

Suddenly, Bruce's phone rang At this time, his mobile phone rang in his pocket. It was a special ringtone. He controlled his anger and picked up the phone, "Grandpa."

Furious as he was, he showed no disrespect to the elder of the Mu family

The old man on the other side of the phone said, "come to xiang Li house and we need to discuss something."

The old man's voice was calm and slow, but there was an irresistible authority in it. Although he was old, he had a strong position in the Mu family.

"I'll be right there." Bruce's voice sounded very cold.

The moment he put down his phone, his eyes were full of coldness. The temperature in the room was several degrees lower, which made the servants tremble involuntarily.

He walked out of the room and said in a heartbreaking voice, "If you haven't found her. You don't need to see me today."

There are two reasons why she didn't practice dancing today. First, there are traces of intimacy on her; second, she really hurts, and it hurts whenever she moves.

She loved dancing very much. She took Ella as her idol and goal. She hoped that one day, just like Ella, she could stand in the altar of dancers.

Missing a dancing class made her feel guilty and uncomfortable, but when she stood in front of her own house and looked at the closed door, she was stunned.

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