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   Chapter 3 A Strange Man (Part One)

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When the sun came into the president's room through the small window, Louisa fluttered her eyes open and looked at the stranger lying next to her with a frightened expression on her face.

At first, she thought to herself, 'Could this be Brian Mu?'

And her second thought was, 'Why did we sleep together?'

When she came to her senses, Louisa almost cried out for help. She wanted to strangle herself for having sex with this man.

"Louisa, don't forget to take photos when you are having an intimate relationship with Brian, so the Mu family can't deny anything."

The thought of her stepmother's words, took Louisa out of her depressed mood. She took out her cell phone while the man beside her was still sleeping. She put her face on the man's lips, to make it look like he was kissing her.

Another click of the phone took a photo of the man lying half-naked. It was clear that they had been in bed together.

After taking some more shots, Louisa checked every photo on her phone and found that she had only taken a picture of his profile. When she finally looked at his handsome face carefully, she was filled with mixed feelings.

"Why do I have feelings for a man I do not know?" Louisa muttered under her breath after she realized that she was attracted by his appearance. Then she quietly lifted the quilt and got out of bed.

The clothes on the floor were all torn into pieces, which made Louisa frown. She found a wardrobe in front of her, so she opened the drawers and was surprised to see some clean white shirts and pairs of black suit pants inside. Soon after, her eyes fell on some men's underwear.

Louisa's face turned red.

Fortunately, there were some women's underwear in the closet as well.

Although it was not her size, she picked up one randomly.

However, there was no women's clothes inside the wardrobe, which put her in a predicament. She thought for a while and decided to put on the men's clothes.

After dressing herself up, Louisa let out a sigh of relief.

The man was still asleep when she got out of the bathroom. His eyes were a mesmerizing deep ocean blue and flecks of silvery light performed ballets throughout. His face was strong and defined, his features molded from granite. He had dark eyebrows, which sloped downwards in a serious expression.

Louisa grabbed her phone on the bedside table and left the room quietly as she winced in pain.

The hotel she was in was evidently very big as it took her a good few minutes to walk across the corridor and reach the elevator. Fortunately, no one looked at her suspiciously, which made her feel much more relaxed.

When Louisa left the hotel, she took a taxi to DX Garden.

That wasn't where her home was, but it was where she could get with the ten dollars in her pocket.

She hadn't brought money with her when she had left home. This ten dollars was taken from the cabinet of the hotel room.

There was a stack of 100-dollar bills and one 10-dollar bill in the cabinet. It was not appropriate to take other people's money without consent. Louisa hesitated for a long time and final

ly decided to take the 10-dollar one as a reward for her sleeping with that man for one night.

The first thing Bruce Mu did after he woke up was to look for the woman he had spent the night with. However, when he realized that he was the only one in bed, he immediately sat up and jumped out of bed to look for his cell phone from under the pile of clothes. He dialed a number and as soon as it was connected, he said, "Come to my room at once!" Bruce spoke so fast that it was obvious that he was very angry.

After hanging up the phone, Bruce Mu paced back and forth in the room with his hands on his waist, angrily wondering where the woman could have been.

After getting out of the car, Louisa walked along the street for nearly an hour before she arrived home. When she entered the house, she saw Nora and Justina sitting on the sofa, but they didn't look well.

"Mom?" said Louisa in a low voice. She could not help but feel nervous as the atmosphere at home seemed very tense.

"Don't call me mom!" Nora yelled at Louisa.

"Did I do something wrong?" asked Louisa.

"Did you do something wrong?" Nora got up and threw the newspaper at her. "Read it! I told you to seduce Brian. What did you do last night?"

With a rapidly palpitating heart and eyes wide open, Louisa was shocked to see the news about Brian Mu who had left halfway through the banquet and a new bright news was reported.

"I, I was with Mr. Brian Mu last night. This one..."

"Then show me the proof? Weren't you told to take photos with Brian in bed?" Justina sounded just as angry as her mother did.

'Yes, the photos!' Louisa's eyes lit up the moment she remembered about the photos. She quickly took out her mobile phone and handed it to Justina. "These are what I took this morning. I spent the whole night with him."

After a quick glance at Louisa's phone, Justina sneered, "That's not Brian, you idiot!"

Nora came over to have a look when she heard that. Before long, her eyebrows shot up in bewilderment, and there was a twist in her mouth that nearly resembled an astonished droop. However, the man's side profile was so attractive that she couldn't take her eyes off the phone screen.

Unfortunately, he was not the spendthrift son of the Mu family.

"Look carefully, this is Brian!" Justina took out Brian's photo from her phone and showed it to Louisa.

Louisa's eyes shot up with wide-eyed confusion. Justina was leaning up against Brian in the photo. Brian was a lean man with a grim and gentle outline. He was not as attractive as the man in her phone.

"Then who is the other man in my phone?" Louisa asked.

"Shame on you!" Justina looked at Louisa with disdain. After realizing that Louisa was wearing the man's clothes, Justina stepped back with disgust and said, "You're still wearing the clothes of a stranger. Do you even deserve to be a member of the Xia family?"


"Get out of here!" Nora raised her voice and slapped Louisa. "I don't ever want to have a daughter like you. You make your sister look bad!"

Her face hurt so much, and her broken heart was more painful.

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