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   Chapter 2 The Talk Between Mother And Daughter

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"Louisa, darling, come here. This is the invitation letter from America. It's addressed to you." Nora called out to Louisa with a big smile on her face as she saw Louisa standing still at the staircase.

Louisa's eyes turned even brighter, as she trotted over to Nora and asked, "Really? Is it really my invitation letter?"

Louisa was utterly relieved to finally have her invitation letter in hand.

Having noticed Louisa's confusion, Nora pretended to be guilty and said, "It's all my fault. I forgot to tell the servant to check the mail before throwing them out. I didn't know it was sent to you. By the time I found it, the servant had already thrown it in the bin."

Without blinking her eyes, Nora passed all the blame towards the servant.

Louisa unfolded the invitation letter, but she didn't give it a second thought. She shook her head immediately and said, "It's okay. I've got it in my hands now, I'm still happy."

She raised the invitation letter above her head, as if she was cherishing a treasure.

Justina snorted enviously. Her eyes were full of contempt and hatred. But the next second, she smiled again and said, "Sister, I have some work to do at school. I have to go now. Why don't you and mother have lunch together?"

Louisa was stunned. It was the first time Justina had called her sister, let alone, out in the open.

"What is it? Don't you want me to call you sister?" Justina grinned.

"No, no, it's..." before Louisa finished her words, Justina cut her short. "Well, I'll go ahead. Call me if you have anything."

Then she walked out of the living room in a hurry, leaving no chance for Louisa to say anything else. In fact, it was because of her resentment towards Louisa that she didn't want to listen to her.

Even after Justina had left, Louisa was still immersed in her own happiness. She wondered if the sun had decided to rise from the west this morning as everything was going too smoothly in her life right now.

"Louisa, don't just stand there. Come here and have lunch." Nora smiled and called Louisa to the table.

Nora had prepared more dishes than she ever did on Louisa's birthdays which moved the girl even more and made her want to cry.

It was the first time in her eighteen years that she had felt a mother's love. Her mother had passed away right after she was born, and Nora was the only mother she had known.

Louisa remembered the times when Nora had been strict with her, but because her father had said that a loving mother would spoil a child, Louisa never hated Nora for it. She just hoped that Nora would take care of her from time to time.

All of a sudden, now happiness was everywhere in her life.

"Louisa, I need your help." Nora stopped eating and looked at Louisa expectantly.

"What is it?" Louisa asked in confusion.

Nora sighed, "Louisa, it has something to do with your sister's happiness."

Louisa became more confused. After thinking for a while, she asked, "What happened to Justina?"

Louisa wasn't close to her sister, but she always cared about her deep down. She just wanted to be loved by her sister.

Now that her mother came to her with something that concerned her sister, Louisa felt a sense of responsibility.

"Well," shaking her head with disappointment, Nora sighed, "Your sister's fiance, Brian is a disloyal man."

Distressed, she handed the newspaper to Louisa.

When Louisa glanced at the newspaper, she saw the article that the entertainment section had published about a rich man and a model having an affair. The reporters even took pictures of them kissing and hugging.

"Is this Mr. Brian Mu?" Louisa asked in surprise.

"Yes, it's all my fault. I was too blinded with happiness to have found such a man for your sister." Nora blamed herself.

Louisa felt heartbroken. She put down the newspaper and said, "Can't we break off the engagement with the Mu family?"

Louisa didn't think it was proper for Justina to get engaged to Brian, but she knew that she was not allowed to get involved in the family affairs.

"Unless we can show evidence of Brian's unscrupulous behavior, the Mu family won't call off the engagement."

"But even the newspapers are saying that Brian was seen sleeping with a model?" Louisa said angrily.

Nora clenched her fists and said with great hatred, "The Mu family won't admit it. They're saying that the reporters are making up groundless accusations to defame Brian!"

"That's outrageous. How can they do that to us? How can they get away with acting so shamelessly?" Louisa said angrily.

Suddenly, Nora took hold of Louisa's hand and said, "You are the only one who can help Justina in this matter. She is your sister! You can't watch her suffer misfortune like this!"

"Mom, what should I do?" Unfortunately, the innocent Louisa had fallen into the trap designed by Nora and Justina.

Nora was thrilled to hear that Louisa would be her savior. "I'll dress you up like a charming woman tonight so you can seduce Brian to sleep with you. Of course, you won't have to really sleep with him. The only thing you need to do is to take a picture of you and him together in bed. Then the Mu family won't be able to make any excuses!"

"Won't the Mu family suspect that we had set him up on purpose?" Since Louisa was the elder sister of Justina, everyone would be foolish not to think that Louisa had set B

rian up just to get out of their legal obligations.

"Don't worry about that because when you go to the US, the Mu family won't be able to find you there. Besides, they have never met you before," said Nora. Louisa's silence gave Nora more confidence.

Louisa agreed without hesitation at the thought of helping her sister out of trouble. Although Louisa didn't take part in any parties, the dance teacher told her that she had to attend the parties in advance after the performance.

Nora spent only one afternoon to get Louisa all dolled up. Then she selected a long white fishtail dress which was very suitable for Louisa's body type.

After all, Louisa had a good figure and was 1.68 cm tall. It was hard to tell that she was still a senior high school student from her looks and makeup. Even Nora who stood beside Louisa began to admire her figure.

Louisa felt very nervous as she stood in front of the club. However, thinking that she was also responsible for her sister's happiness, gave her the strength to let go of her uneasiness and walk into the banquet hall.

There were a lot of people at the banquet. Men in suits, and women in gorgeous dresses conversed, while soft music played in the background. The waiters were dressed neatly in their uniforms as they slipped in and out of the crowd with a tray of wine glasses in one hand.

It was said that wine could cheer people up. Louisa couldn't help herself from gulping down a glass of wine before walking into the crowd to search for the person her mother had mentioned.

She had never met Brian Mu before in person and the newspapers had blurred out his face. However, her mother told her that he liked dressing in white clothes, so of course he would be drawn to her if Louisa was also dressed in white.

Time passed and no one came to look for her. Louisa became anxious and lost track of how many drinks she had had. When she felt a weakness in her knees, she vaguely saw a man in a navy blue Tuxedo walking towards her. She could not clearly see what he looked like, but she vaguely remembered him to have a tall posture and clear, black eyes.

"Br -" Louisa fell backwards before she could finish her words, and the man quickly reached out and caught her.

"Hey," said Bruce Mu as he caught Louisa in his arms. He thought that they may know each other.

If the woman hadn't called his name while she was falling down, he wouldn't help her.

But soon after he had saved that woman, something even worse happened. His heart melted as soon as he touched Louisa's soft waist.

"Mr. Bruce?" A well-dressed man in a tuxedo bowed and stood next to Bruce Mu.

"Get a room for me right now." Bruce Mu frowned. His handsome eyes displayed impatience.

It was the first time in more than twenty years that his body had felt this uncontrollable feeling.

The servant understood what had Bruce meant, so he immediately responded, "Yes, sir."

Bruce Mu bent down and held Louisa in his arms easily. The more body contact he made with Louisa, the faster the blood in his body flowed.

What he did, however, didn't arouse the other people's curiosity in the hall. The place was darkly lit anyway. In the hall, several people were hugging and kissing, and some of them even had another woman's legs wrapped on their waist.

"Damn it!" He expressed his dissatisfaction again.

"Mr. Bruce, this is your room card." A bluish plastic card was handed over to Bruce as soon as he walked out of the gate. Bruce took the room card with one hand.

The servant pressed the button of the elevator for him. After the elevator reached the first floor, Bruce strode into it.

As soon he came to the room he had reserved, he threw the woman in his arms on the bed, and rushed into the bathroom to take a shower.

"Uh!" Louisa let out a cry of pain.

Even the cold shower in the bathroom couldn't calm the man down as he slapped his own forehead, annoyed and frustrated.

The Mu family had a special heritage. No member of the Mu family would be easily attracted by a woman or have any special reaction towards her body. If ever, someone from Mu family were to have sexual desires for another person then, she or he would, without a doubt, be the right person for the other.

Due to the fact that such a person was extremely rare to come across, many of the men and women of Mu family were unmarried. An unmarried man, he would never know the taste of woman. This was the case with Bruce's uncle.

This strange heritage had caused some men of Mu family to become solely devoted to their partners. However, it also created narrow-minded men who fell on the wrong path, snatched other people's wives and seduced them with their bodies.

"Bruce, if you meet a woman who makes you heart or body hot, you must seize her…" he heard his mother's passionate words. After a few seconds of silence, he turned off the cold water in the bathroom and went to the bedroom.

When he walked into the bedroom Bruce saw the woman spread out in bed. Her soft skin was exposed at the edge of her skirt where the fishtail opened. Immediately, his heart started palpitating.

"After that incident, you must be responsible for her. She might be the only woman in the world who can satisfy you and make you happy." Recalling his mother's words again, Bruce frowned and strode to the woman in bed, who was in deep sleep.

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