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   Chapter 1 Nightmares

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"No, don't..." The whimpering cries echoed from the bedroom. Sweat dripped from her forehead as she tried to escape from the man's grip, but she found herself overpowered by the weight of his body.

"Louisa! Louisa, wake up!" Susie Shu shook her roommate awake from her abysmal nightmare. As soon as she opened her eyes and saw Susie Shu, Louisa Xia threw herself into her arms and said, "Susie, I just had the worst nightmare!"

Ten months ago, in order to go abroad and take part in a show, Louisa Xia promised her younger sister to have a baby.

"Don't be afraid, Louisa. It's all going to be over soon. Look, the baby is coming. After you become a mother, all your attention will go towards the baby. You'll be too busy to worry about those nightmares again." Susie Shu lowered her head to look at Louisa's pregnant belly. She was nine months pregnant now and her due date was just few days later.

"Louisa, you need to take good care of yourself, especially now. You're going to experience prenatal depression and you don't want that to affect child birth. The doctors said that if pregnant women are not in good health before they give birth, they will face many difficulties during child birth. I'm sure you don't want to be in a lot of pain." Susie Shu clearly wanted to scare Louisa Xia.

"Susie, are you serious?" Sure enough, Louisa was convinced and her nervousness was evident from her facial expression.

The pain was what bothered her the most. What happened ten months ago had become a traumatic memory in her mind.

"Of course not, you little fool. My godson is very obedient, I can tell. He won't hurt you," said Susie.

With a sigh of relief, Louisa lay on the bed next to Susie. Although she felt a little relieved, a part of her still felt uneasy. Grabbing the sheet under her body, she prayed in her heart, 'Dear baby, you must be healthy and happy. I can't wait for you to come to this world. Mom loves you.'

Ten months ago, in Louisa's house.

"Mom, look! Why does that bitch get to have an invitation to the Hua Group's party, but I don't?" Justina Xia was clearly displeased with Louisa's invitation. Both she and Louisa were the heirs of the Xia family, but Louisa was better than her in every aspect. Louisa always got whatever she wanted before Justina did.

Meanwhile, slouched against the sofa, Nora Zhao had her own set of worries to deal with. With her beautifully painted eyebrows furrowed, she threw the newspaper onto the table angrily and said, "Are you still in the mood to care about Louisa? Why don't you take a look at your own problems first. Your fiance is becoming a massive headache for me."

Nora Zhao brought her palms to her temples and squeezed tight as if to show that she was in pain.

Annoyed by her mother's attitude, Justina Xia rolled her eyes and shook her head. She dismissed her mother with a perfunctory answer. "I'll deal with Brian later? Mom, right now I need your help. I don't want Louisa to go abroad. Why did she get an invitation from Hua Group first?"

Justina Xia sat beside her mother and shook her mother's arm.

Nora Zhao was as anxious as an ant on a hot pan, as she was concerned about the estate of the Xia family and the future of Justina Xia. The elegance with which she usually carried herself was now gone. With great curiosity, she asked, "What is it that you want?"

"I need your help to delay Louisa's trip abroad. A person under the age of 18 can't go abroad without their parents' written consent. Dad is not here and you are her legal guardian. Just don't sign the agreement…"

"Mom, Justina, I'm back." Just before Justina Xia could finish her words, Louisa Xia came back from school.

The last class Louisa had was dancing and she rushed home without even changing her clothes at the thought of the Hua Group's invitation. Sweat trickled down from her forehead.

Since she was wearing a pair of dancing shoes, she walked silently on the marble floor. Meanwhile, Nora and Justina, who were both preoccupied with their own thoughts, were too busy to notice that Louisa had arrived home.

Both women felt as though Louisa had been eavesdropping on them. Neither of them hid their resentment towards Louisa's appearance, but Nora was the first to be unpleasant. "Why are you tip-toeing around in the house? Don't you know that it is impolite to do so."

"I'm sorry, mom. I won't do it again." After a moment's silence, Louisa asked, "Mom, did the invitation get sent to here?"

Earlier on, Louisa had a talk with her dance teacher, who explained to her that Hua Group was extremely famous in America. A dancer invited to take part in such an event, not only showed their own strength, but at the same time, was also valued by the rest of the world. Her dance teacher told Louisa that the invitation had bee

n sent to her home and asked her to take advantage of this chance.

Nora took a look at the invitation card, which was crumpled by Justina, on the tea table. When she was about to open her mouth, Justina shook her hand and winked at her at the same time.

As her mother, Nora knew her daughter very well. Just with one glance at Justina, she was able to tell what her daughter was thinking about. "Invitation? Not yet. Go upstairs and change your clothes. You'll catch a cold."

Then, she placed a pillow on top of the tea table, pretending to be calm while covering Louisa's invitation.

Louisa, however, was surprised to see Nora's affectionate side. She didn't expect to see that Nora would care about her because Nora was Louisa's stepmother. After her mother passed away, her father married her stepmother. Louisa's stepmother was nice to her up until the day she had her own baby. After that she became cold and distant.

When Louisa heard her stepmother say something she hadn't heard for more than ten years, she felt moved by her words. She felt warm in her heart and said, "Thank you, mom. I will go upstairs and change my clothes now!"

As Louisa passed the tea table to run up the stairs, her eyes caught sight of the pillow on it. 'My stepmother's been acting strange today but I'm certain that her obsessive compulsive disorder wouldn't allow this pillow to be kept out of its place!'

When Justina and Nora noticed Louisa looking at the pillow on the tea table, Justina shouted in a hurry, "Hurry up? How long do you want us to wait for you? I've been home for almost half an hour. I'm literally starving to death!"

Louisa knew that Justina was a hot tempered girl, so she quickly answered, "I'm sorry. I'm going now. I'm sorry, sister."

Louisa ran upstairs before she finished her words. She had a smile on her face the whole time. Although her sister had just yelled at her, she was still happy. Her sister had never called her at the table for dinner in the past fifteen years. Even her stepmother seemed to care about her today.

So far the day had been great to her. Louisa had been longing to become a part of this family for a long time.

Watching her figure disappear at the stairs, Justina heaved a sigh of relief. "Mom, I have something to tell you. Let's talk in your room."

"Okay!" Nora stood up.

Justina took the invitation from underneath the pillow and followed Nora. She hated Louisa so much that she couldn't help crumpling the invitation in her hand.

As soon as they entered the room, Nora closed the door behind her and said, "Justina, are you going to talk with me about Brian?"

The mere mention of that man's name contorted Nora's face with disgust.

"Yes," Justina answered as she gave the invitation card to Nora and continued, "give Louisa that invitation card when she comes downstairs. But in return, tell her that she must agree to help you with something before you agree to sign your consent on the application form."

"How could that girl be of any use to me?" Nora couldn't understand what her daughter was thinking.

"As for my engagement with Brian, wasn't it written in the contract that unless one of us has done something to hurt the other, the engagement will not become void? Besides, there is no need to give back the deposit money to Brian's family."

When it came to the deposit money, Nora's heart sank. After all, it was a large sum of money. She was very happy when Justina got engaged to Brian. On one hand, his family had agreed to give Nora a large sum of money. On the other hand, Brian was a handsome and charming man. Unfortunately, she didn't expect him to be a playboy.

"Why would Brian's family give up the engagement willingly?" Nora said as she clasped her hands.

After Justina whispered a few words in her ear, Nora's worried frown transformed itself into a grin. She put her hands around Justina's forehead and kissed her. "My dear daughter, you're so clever."

Justina felt very proud to hear that, but she was even better at pleasing people with her words. She squinted her eyes and said, "My beautiful and smart mother gave birth to me. Otherwise, how would I be so smart? All the credit goes to you, mother."

Her words delighted Nora and she kissed Justina's cheeks.

After they both got excited, Justina said, "Let's go. I don't want to make my sister wait too long."

A cunning smile appeared on her face.

After Louisa took a shower and put on a comfortable dress, she went downstairs and saw Nora and Justina sitting on the sofa. Nora's knitted eyebrows seemed to warn Louisa about something bad that must have happened, while Justina looked enviously at something on the tea table.

With a closer look, it was her invitation letter, all crumpled up.

All of a sudden, Louisa got nervous.

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