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   Chapter 605 Let's Go Shopping Together

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 6919

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Amanda rolled her eyes at him and said, "You can continue to investigate. I want to see who did it behind my back."

"Okay." Nodding his head, Bruce found that things were getting more and more interesting. When he turned around and was about to go out, he suddenly said casually, "In fact, Sheryl had asked me to investigate who leaked the news."

"What?" Amanda realized something was wrong and stood up all of a sudden.

Turning around, Bruce smiled and said, "Of course, who told you all this? I'm afraid that person is going to be the enemy of Sheryl now."

"Sheryl's enemy? Does Sheryl know the reason why I quarreled with Darren?" As soon as she finished her words, Amanda realized that she had made a slip of the tongue in front of Bruce. But when she saw that the expression on his face didn't change, she immediately asked, "Have you already known all this?"

"Not only me, Sheryl also knew it," Bruce said calmly.

As his elder sister, she still didn't know how much pressure and pain Sheryl had suffered for her. This elder sister was too incompetent. Sheryl had given up his hatred for her, and during that period of time, he had been constantly blaming himself, and even self-mutilating himself. Seeing this, Bruce also felt painful in his heart.

As a younger brother, why should Sheryl bear all this silently? With Sheryl's character, no matter how much pain he had suffered, he would only grit his teeth and swallow it. He would pretend to be fine in front of Amanda. Was there someone would care about his pain?

"What? Sheryl knows it. You said Sheryl knew it?" Amanda took a deep breath.

How did Sheryl know about it? Who told Sheryl to get Sheryl involved? All of a sudden, Amanda's eyes became sharp. She stared at Bruce and said coldly, "What are you planning? Why did you let Sheryl know what happened in the past?"

"It's not my plan. Sheryl knows it all the time. Don't forget that when the car accident happened, Sheryl was sitting in the car. He remembered every word your parents said before they died. There's no need for ot

too much for her. Amanda pinched Sheryl's face and said, "I'm in a good mood today. Do you have anything you want to eat? I'll buy it for you."

Sheryl thought for a while and said in a childish tone, "Then I want the red bean cake. I like it the most."

"Okay. I see," Amanda nodded.

When Amanda walked out of the door, Bruce said at once, "If you want to eat that red bean cake, let's go and buy it now."

"What?" Sheryl was confused.

"Didn't you just say that you wanted to eat red bean cakes from that restaurant? I don't know when they will finish shopping. Since you want to eat, I'll go to buy it now," Bruce said.

"Big Idiot." When Sheryl came to his senses, he grumbled, "I just said what my sister wanted to listen to. In fact, that red bean cake is my sister's favorite."

After his brother-in-law left, his sister had been depressed all day long. It was rare for her to go shopping, so of course, Sheryl would say what she wanted to hear.

Last time, she went shopping for a long time and didn't come back. When she came back, she was still absent-minded. Sheryl was worried about his sister going shopping alone, but he didn't dare to stop her. With the help of Sophie, he should be relieved.

Sophie came soon. Her black hair was dyed a little wine red. And her slender waist was still indescribably beautiful in a black and white plaid dress.

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