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   Chapter 604 Tampered With Evidence

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"By the way, don't tell anyone about it, including Sheryl," Amanda added.

Bruce nodded.

"That's all right," Amanda said.

"I have something else to do. I want to know what you said to Sheryl just now. If your attitude is like this, why does he seem to be trying to avoid me?" Bruce asked.

Amanda smiled, "Really? Is he hiding from you?"

She didn't expect Sheryl to change his mind so quickly. He responded immediately after hearing her words. But she didn't know whether he dodged at this time was because he felt uncomfortable to read his mind, or because he couldn't accept it and deliberately isolated himself.

"Of course," Bruce replied and nodded.

Originally, when Bruce came here before, Sheryl's attitude towards him was a little close But now, seeing him make a detour like seeing a thief, he inevitably felt a little depressed.

"That's what he is thinking. I don't know, but it shouldn't be a bad thing," Amanda encouraged him.

'It was not a bad thing. Could it be a good thing to be cold to me?' Hearing that Amanda was talking nonsense, Bruce could only pretend to be taught by her. He hoped that what Amanda said was true. After all, she was Sheryl's elder sister, and this identity was enough for her to be self-willed.

Soon, Bruce got the surveillance video, but unfortunately, some critical parts of the video were covered by someone, and the previous video was edited to cover that period of time. As a result, the people sent by Bruce looked in front of the camera, but they didn't see the person he was looking for.

At first, the person thought that Darren was not exist, but later someone found that there were things repeated at different times and angles in the video, so he found that it had been covered by someone.

Bruce had a keen sense of doing business and immediately realized that someone was hiding it from him. Without thinking too much, he chose to tell it to Amanda directly.

"Someone is trying to cover up the truth. Who is it?" Amanda was surprised to hear that.

She did it secretly without telling anyone. How could anyone think of hiding such a trace?

"How many peop

rything okay?" Amanda asked curiously. "Is there anything new?" she added.

"This cunning man covered every part of the camera from time to time. It seems that he doesn't want us to continue investigating," Bruce said through clenched teeth.

'Every camera was covered from time to time? What does it mean?'

Amanda listened carefully and felt a little dizzy.

Originally, it was better to simply cover one camera, but now, all the cameras that Darren had passed by were covered, and that person only covered a few seconds when Darren appeared. The technique was very ingenious, making people unable to find any clue.

"That person did it so thoroughly. How afraid is he of finding Darren?" With a sneer, Bruce thought, 'What a good Gregorio! I'd better have a good battle with him.'

Amanda's mind was in a mess. She didn't hope it was Gregorio who tried to stop her from looking for these things. Previously, Gregorio had completely denied her idea, thinking that she had thought too much. Now he did such a thing again. Did it mean that he blew his cover?

If he really did it, then what he said and did before were all lies to her.

Amanda's eyes were cold. If that was the case, she would never forgive him.

"Your eyes are so horrible. Have you thought of the person who really obstructed you?" Bruce said with a smile. The look in Amanda's eyes just now was like a rabbit eating meat, ferocious and cute.

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