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   Chapter 602 You Must Be Tired

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Sheryl lowered his eyes and said, "I'm fine."

"What happened? Why did he die all of a sudden?" Asked Bruce.

"An accident. He died on the sea." Sheryl knew what he was worried about and added, "It has nothing to do with me. Jacob and I didn't know this news until we came back."

"You must be tired these days." He asked with concern.

Sheryl shook his head, "No, it's not a big deal as long as I can be with Amanda."

"How could it not be hard? Your sister couldn't calm down when she lost him. I know how much you have to pay in there." Said Bruce.

Tears welled up in Sheryl's eyes. He quickly moved his face away, but his hand was grabbed by Bruce. "Don't be afraid. I will stay here for a period of time. The psychologist in E Country is the best in the world. If you want to go for a walk, I can also arrange it."

"What are you thinking about? Amanda is very strong now. She doesn't need a psychologist at all." Sheryl was on Amanda's side. In his opinion, no matter what happened to his sister, they were family and they didn't need outsider to interfere.

"Okay, okay, You don't need it." "I've learned a lot of new dishes. How about showing them to you tonight?"

"Okay." Said Sheryl.

Seeing that Sheryl became much more obedient. Perhaps it was because he had been back for so long and had gone through too much that Sheryl had grown up all of a sudden. This was also a good thing for Sheryl. He needed more social experience and experienced a lot of emotional entanglements.

The two sat quietly in the room, without saying anything.

After a while, Bruce asked, "Why did something happen to Darren? Did you know it before?"

"He seemed to have a fight with my sister, but she didn't tell me what happened exactly. I guess it might be because of what happened to my parents." Said Sheryl.

These days, he also had doubts in his heart. He didn't dare to ask Amanda, nor could he tell Jacob. He was holding back his doubts. Since Bruce asked this, plus he also knew what had happened before, he didn't hide too much.

"I gu

ked Bruce to begin to fight with him. Sheryl was washing fruit there, and after that, he would send it to Amanda's room.

"Amanda, you ate more than usual tonight." Said Sheryl.

Amanda pinched the flesh on her waist and asked, "Have I gained some weight recently?"

"No, it's the best." Sheryl was her most obedient brother. He always liked to please Amanda.

With a smile on her face, Amanda touched Sheryl's face and said, "Sheryl, do you know why Bruce is here?"

"Didn't he say that he would come to see you?" Sheryl didn't ask why he came directly, but judging from his intention, he guessed that Bruce just wanted to see if he was fine and if this house was good after Darren left.

Now the cooperation of the An Group had nothing to do with Amanda. There was nothing to be schemed from them. Besides, he had traveled thousands of miles to come here and asked him first if he was okay. Even if Sheryl was unwilling to accept his love, Sheryl had no reason to refuse his kindness.

Amanda sighed. She had known from the very beginning that Sheryl was the target of Bruce. In the past, she had been on her guard all the time, fearing that Sheryl would be hurt because of his unsophisticated life. Now, seeing that he was still following Sheryl, it was obvious that he couldn't let go. If her attitude affected Sheryl's decision, she would be the sinner.

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