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   Chapter 601 An Unexpected Visitor

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Although Lily didn't do well in school, she was optimistic, talkative and fond of painting. Maggie was willing to let her do what she liked, but other family members asked Lily to study at home, and Maggie couldn't fight against her family.

Perhaps this was the helplessness of a married mother. There were both older generation and younger generation at home and their opinions were different. Thinking of this, Maggie felt a little depressed.

"She is so clumsy." Now Lily was only in primary school, but she still couldn't pass the examination. Jacob yawned and leaned against Amanda's arms.

"Don't say that. People are good at different fields," Amanda said, rubbing his little head.

At this moment, the doorbell rang.

"Who else will come?" Amanda murmured.

Today, the house was so lively that people kept coming. In the past, she was the only one sitting in the living room alone.

"I'll open the door." Wearing his white shirt, Sheryl staggered out with two thin legs.

Maggie leaned against the sofa, looked at Sheryl's petite body and said, "Sheryl is getting better and better now. Look at his waist and legs. He can almost become many young girls' dream lover."

"What can he do even if he becomes a girl's dream lover? There are no girls who are infatuated with him now." Amanda rolled her eyes at her and added, "Are you here for doing that?"

Maggie raised her hand and pinched on Amanda's waist, "Are all mothers always talking in this way?"

The door opened, but there was no sound coming.

Sheryl looked at the man standing at the door in a daze.

He had a slender figure, beautiful eyebrows and eyes, and golden hair was as brilliant as the God of the sun in the Western legends. His blue eyes, which were more beautiful than the color of the ocean, were looking at him seriously.

"Bruce." Somehow, Sheryl felt his throat hot and whispered.

It seemed that he hadn't seen him for a long time. In fact, they hadn't seen each other for more than a month.

Too many things had happened in the past month. He had given up on revenge and wanted to start a new life. He didn't expect that something would happen to Darren all of a sudden. His sister was almost on the verge of breakin

Sheryl had learned to deal with things. During this period of time, Sheryl had been accompanying her at home. It was she who should be strong, and it was she who should protect them. But they all stayed by her side when she was sad, stronger than her.

Maggie thought for a while. The she said to Amanda, "Amanda, if you can't ask Gregorio to help you, why don't you try to ask Bruce for help? He is much more capable than Gregorio. He has been cooperating with Darren before. No matter what, he will help you, right?"

"Ask Bruce for help?" Amanda was stunned.

"In fact, I have booked a hotel." Seeing that Sheryl was putting something on the table, Bruce couldn't help but say.

Sheryl] stopped and put down his hand, "Really? Then you can live there."

As soon as he finished his words, he turned around and was about to leave. But before he could leave, Bruce quickly stopped him. "No, I want to stay there. Just leave the hotel there. In fact, I'm happy that you didn't push me out again," he said.

"Because you are here to visit my brother-in-law. I just treat you as a guest," Sheryl whispered.

"Really?" Bruce asked. He looked at him suspiciously.

Sheryl felt a little embarrassed. He raised his hand and pushed Bruce aside. "What else do you want? My sister is feeling better now. I tell you not to mention my brother-in-law again and again, or I will kick you out."

"You said that you will kick me out?" Raising his hand on his shoulder, Bruce asked.

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