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   Chapter 599 Don't Forget Your Original Intention

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 6645

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The peace and harmony in the family these days were all earned by the careful care of everyone. As a sister and mother, she did not fulfill any responsibility, but only cared about her own pain. It was really selfish.

Amanda's heart ached for her baby. She couldn't help but burst into tears.

Seeing that Amanda was crying, Christine also burst into tears. "It's Christine's fault. Christine made mom sad."

"It's not Christine's fault. It's mom's fault. I was moved and blamed myself for not taking care of you these days. It's all my fault." Holding her daughter in her arms, Amanda wiped her tears and kissed Christine's little face. "I will be with Christine and brother in the future. I won't leave you anymore. Christine, don't be afraid. You will always be my favorite little princess."

"Really?" She made her mother cry. She was still her mother's little princess. Hearing this, Christine stopped crying. She hugged Amanda and said, "I love you most, too."

At noon, seeing that Amanda was about to enter the kitchen, Sheryl stopped her and said, "Sister, let me do it. They like my cooking."

"Christine, what do you think?" Amanda asked.

Amanda had coaxed Christine into eating the food cooked by her mother.

Sheryl had to leave the kitchen.

Amanda made several dishes that they liked to eat in the kitchen, including Darren's favorite dishes that everyone avoided.

When Jacob came back, he was surprised to see his mother like this. He always felt that his mother looked different today. Did she get better after taking a walk outside?

What was more, he saw his favorite, corn chicken porridge.

The familiar fragrance and smooth taste made Jacob's appetite rise.

'Where did the sun come from today? What happened at home? What happened?' Jacob looked at Sheryl while eating.

'I want to ask you something more. What happened in the company? Your mother is different when she comes back home, ' Sheryl looked back at Jacob when he was picking up

particular person. It was just that the situation was special at that time that made people have some feelings for a particular situation.

There weren't so many magnificent things and conflicts. Perhaps the two of them would have a different life.

"Then I will choose to leave without binding him up," Amanda lowered her eyes.

If she could go back to the past, knowing that Darren had gone through so much pain in the past, she would not be willing to blame him for his cold-blooded ruthlessness, and she would definitely be more patient and tolerant to him. Even if he did not like her in the end and liked Rose, she did not blame or regret, as long as he was happy.

Maggie clapped her hands and said, "That's good. Amanda, you are still the same."

"What do you mean? I don't understand," Amanda raised her head.

Maggie held her hand and said sincerely, "Although I can't stay with you often these days, I have been paying attention to your news. They all tell me that you are going crazy. You live in your fantasy all day long, can't accept the death of Darren, and you are in a trance every day. I don't believe that the strong girl, who would never give up, Amanda, would become such a bad person. Now after listening to you, I know I'm right. You're still the same person. You didn't lose your mind."

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