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   Chapter 598 Don't Leave Me, Mother

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"Sheryl, I know what you mean. In fact, I know how well Gregorio treats me. As I see, the two kids like him very much, but that doesn't mean that he can replace Darren," said Amanda.

"Sister. I didn't mean that. I hope you don't take this the wrong way..." said Sheryl hurriedly.

"In my heart, Darren's position in our family will never change." A determined look appeared in Amanda's eyes. "And I will bring him back," she added.

Sheryl was so scared that his hand trembled and the wooden shovel in his hand was about to fall as he heard his sister's words. 'Oh my God! My sister is crazy again. Does she think my brother-in-law is still alive?' he thought.

Amanda went back to her room and cleaned herself up. Then she went out looking fabulous.

She went to the company for a meeting first. In fact, the time she went out was the same as that when Gregorio took care of the two children, but she didn't want to talk to him more.

Since he didn't believe that Darren was still alive, there was no need to continue talking with him.

Amanda believed firmly. She had seen the man, but he didn't want to come back to her and know who she was. But she would never give up.

When they walked into the An Group, everyone greeted Amanda politely.

There were still some people who didn't know her before, but as the widow of Darren, Amanda appeared. She was not inferior to the whole board of directors, and became the biggest shareholder of the An Group with her children. She was already a real rich woman, and many people were eager to be like her.

But it was useless to have too much money. What Amanda missed was that she was still so stupid that she didn't know anything at that time. When she was in trouble and gave out ten thousand leaflets in a hot day, although Lionel was a little cold at that time, he would protect her when she needed help. Darren had a bad temper at that time, but sometimes he would protect her.

More importantly, at that time, love was always pure and pure, without too many impurities. Love was just a move, and hate would also become a move. Now it involved too much. The hatred of the last generation, and the schemes of this generation,

father was sending messages to Christine. In my dream, my father told me that I should stay with my mother more and listen to my brother. I should not eat snacks randomly. I am very obedient."

"Really?" Hearing what Christine said, Amanda was a little surprised.

Holding the toy bear in her hand, Christine said in a low voice, "Yes, brother said that Christine should be obedient like this. That's why mommy likes Christine more and won't go to see daddy."

"What did brother say?" Amanda held her daughter's hand and asked.

Startled, Christine looked at Amanda uneasily, fearing that she might have said something wrong.

Holding her in her arms, Amanda got into the car and said in a low voice, "Christine, don't be afraid. Just tell me what happened. I won't be angry."

Hearing her mother's words, Christine was close to her mother. She hid in her mother's arms and said, "My brother said that if Christine didn't listen to him, mommy wouldn't like Christine. If mommy didn't like Christine, she wouldn't like this house and would leave. She would go to find daddy. So we have to be obedient."

After that, Christine held Amanda's hand and asked timidly, "Will mom leave me and go to find dad?"

"No, I won't. I will be with you and your brother all my life. I will never leave you." Amanda didn't expect that the kids would have such an idea when she was in a daze. They lived carefully, afraid of irritating her and making her unhappy.

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