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   Chapter 597 Let Gregorio Be The Kids' Father

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"Victor, help me check this person." After thinking for a while, he picked up his phone and dialed an old friend's number. Victor was a very dedicated detective. He worked part-time to send information to the gossip newspaper to earn living expenses. He only liked photography, and some liked to explore cases. The person he worshiped most was Sherlock Holmes. He was smart in life, and he was also skilled in martial arts these years.

The two men, Gregorio and Victor, seemed to be apple and orange, but they were good friends back then.

At that time, Victor was just a small photographer who lived an uncertain life every day. Gregorio met him by chance. Seeing that he had a hard time, he would inadvertently take a few photos of him and spread them to the public. In this way, not only would he not lose face, but also he could solve his crisis.

Victor was grateful to Gregorio for his help and admired him very much. He had been working hard in the past few years and had a certain position in the entertainment circle, with a wide range of connections.

But the thing that Gregorio asked him to do was only handed over to Victor.

That was to investigate the background of Darren, the man who named Edward now.

Upon hearing Gregorio's request, Victor immediately took action.

Looking at the blue sky outside, Gregorio's eyes were gloomy. Since he had disappeared, he really didn't want him to come back.

There were several pieces of white cloth hanging on the bamboo pole, waving in the wind. It was not fully bright yet, and everything seemed to be covered with a layer of green cloth. Adriana recognized that the white cloth on the bamboo pole was the bed sheet that was dried in the hotel nearby her home. She yawned and said, "I'm finally here. I'm so sleepy."

"Thank you." She didn't have to come back in a hurry. Seeing that Adriana yawned, Edward said in a low voice.

Adriana pounded on his shoulder and said with a smile, "Nonsense. You must be tired. You must have worked hard for me all day yesterday. So you don't have to thank me."

When they came back home, the dog heard the noise in the yard and shouted.

Adriana laughed and scolded, "What's wrong with you, you bad dog? You don't know me?"

The dog was a little dog rai

a look at Amanda. Although she didn't want her son to leave, Amanda knew his son liked it, so she wouldn't stop him. She nodded and said, "Jacob, you can go there first."

"I am going there too!" Christine said. Christine had to stick to her brother, but the two kids didn't have breakfast and were taken away by Gregorio directly.

On the other side, Sheryl, who was still in the mood of making omelets, was stunned. He stood at the door of the kitchen, with an apron around his waist. He looked at Amanda and said, "Just like this, he took away our two babies."

"He didn't take them away. It's obvious that they took the initiative to get close to him," she said. Amanda didn't notice that her two babies liked to stick to Gregorio so much. If it went on like this, Gregorio would be their father directly.

"Sister, in fact, it's not a big deal if he can be the children's father," Sheryl spoke out his mind directly.

Raising her head to look at him, Amanda asked, "What are you talking about? Don't talk nonsense."

"I'm not talking nonsense." After what had happened last time, Sheryl found that Gregorio really did it for his sister. He had been on guard before, and now Gregorio had become a professional manager hired by the An Group. He had given up his career in B Country and came back to accompany his sister. He had made so many sacrifices, not to mention the help he had given to his sister in the past.

Even if his sister wanted to be with Gregorio, Sheryl could only support her.

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