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   Chapter 596 All Willingly

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 7047

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But he couldn't remember anything, nor was he sleepy, nor was his brain as painful as before.

In the past, he had been worried about his identity. He had been worried that he would be an unpardonable villain, and that he would be involved in illegal transactions and unable to start a new life, so he had been deliberately avoiding these.

But now it seemed that he was a normal person. At most, he was a little richer.

In this case, he would be relieved to cut off all the relations with the past and start his own life again.

Time flew slowly from his ears, gentle and without any sound.

"Hey, bastard, big bastard." A sweet voice suddenly sounded in Edward's ear. He was stunned and suddenly opened his eyes, only to find that he had fallen asleep unconsciously. The sweet voice seemed to come from his mind and from his memory. The slightly familiar voice was very strange to him now.

Was someone calling him? Bastard.

Suddenly, a girl with a bright smile appeared in front of him. She was looking at him with a smile in her dark and bright eyes. Her petite and beautiful figure seemed to be even brighter than the flowers blooming behind her. But unfortunately, that figure only appeared for a moment, and instantly became very blurry and quickly disappeared.

Edward felt a headache. He quickly covered his head to stop himself from thinking too much, or the pain would continue.

He opened a bottle of water and took a sip. He took a deep breath and looked out of the window. The pain in his heart was still so clear. That girl must have had a deep connection with him before.

But he couldn't remember what she looked like, nor did he want to think about it. Since he had summoned up the courage to cut off all the past, he couldn't have any nostalgia at this time.

"Edward, aren't you sleepy?" Adriana woke up from her sleep. She rubbed her numb arms and asked curiously when she saw that Edward was still so energetic.

He had just taken a rest, but he didn't bother to explain. He just said lightly, "Not bad."

"Are you okay?" Adriana doubted. She had seen Edward runni

d to take charge of the company's affairs, but it was not unilaterally appointed by Amanda, but Gregorio convinced the whole board of directors with his own qualifications.

He had been in charge of Nicholas' business before, and everyone knew his ability. Moreover, he had to report to the board of directors every quarter. With so many people watching, they were not afraid of him playing tricks.

In fact, Gregorio had planned to stay in B Country and never come back. He came back this time because he was worried that Amanda would not be able to deal with such a thing. He did not expect that he would be the one who was left in the end.

But as long as he could help her, he was willing to do anything.

But now, Gregorio was hesitating on how to tell Amanda to let her give up looking for Darren.

Darren didn't want to go back to the past anymore. If she continued to look for him, she would only be sad. But Amanda had already seen Darren. With her obsession, she would never give up. He couldn't let Darren recall the past and then let Darren accept Amanda.

Now that Darren was no longer a member of the An family, he made it clear. If this was Darren's choice, of course Gregorio was willing to let Amanda stay away from him.

Anyway, now that Darren appeared or not, An Group had stabilized. He was confident that he would always be with Amanda and make her happy in the future.

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