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   Chapter 595 He Will Come Back

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"Of course I know. I didn't choose my favorite corn and chicken congee. I was just worried that my clumsy mother would remember that my father also liked this congee and cause her sadness," Jacob said as he pursed his lips. It was a sad thing for him to give up his favorite food.

"Jacob, your mother is so sad. Aren't you sad?" Sheryl asked.

Jacob's small body was curled up in the soft pillow on the sofa. His milk white skin gave off a jade sheen in the light. He fiddled with the tablet PC in his hand and said, "Of course I felt sad when I lost my father. But uncle, everyone in the world will die in the end. Father will die, mother, uncle, you will all die one day. There are so many people who have lost, and sadness will not bring any benefits. I used to be at the crucial moment of life and death, and now looking at these, I feel that it is good to live one more day. Anyway, I will live well and cherish every day I have."

Hearing his words, Sheryl felt sorry for him. He held him in his arms and said, "Jacob is so awesome. Your mother should learn from you."

"That's because mommy likes daddy so much and cares too much about him." Jacob shook his head and said, "It's just because she cares him too much that she even forget herself. When I was sick, my mother was the same. She missed me all the time, completely ignoring her own health."

Sheryl sighed. Indeed, his sister was always like this. She always valued others more than herself and never cared about her own health. Before, because he didn't take good care of himself, she often blamed herself. When Jacob was sick, she stayed by his side all the time. Now that Darren was dead, she blamed herself for quarreling with Darren.

'When could my silly sister let go of these and think about herself? She should value herself, ' he thought.

"Boom!" A loud noise came from the kitchen all of a sudden. Sheryl and Jacob were shocked. The two of them looked at each other and rushed to the kitchen.



When the two of them rushed to the kitchen door, they only saw that Amanda was in a trance, looking at the broken porcelain pieces on the ground in a daze. Hearing

be fine.

In the evening, after taking a shower, Amanda sat on the windowsill in a bathrobe. Looking at the stars in the distant night sky, she felt very lonely. In the past, he would always be with her at this time. Thinking of his cold eyes and the action of protecting other girls, Amanda still felt a little heartbroken, as if she had been stabbed by a needle.

'Why didn't he recognize me? Did he hate me so much? Or did he forget me so thoroughly, including the children and his identity?

No, I must find him, ' she thought.

"Darren, where are you? You will come back, won't you?" She sighed and said in a low voice.

The star in the distance was very gentle, like the gentle gaze of a lover.

On the other side, Edward raised his eyes to look at the star. The high-speed train was moving fast, and the lights on both sides were like stars floating in the sky. The lights were shining on the window.

Originally, Adriana planned to go back after the night here, but they refused her aunt's invitation because Edward didn't like H City so much. They directly bought the high-speed train ticket to go back. At this time, she was sleepy and was sleeping soundly beside.

The people around were sleepy too. It was quiet in the car, but Edward didn't feel sleepy at all. He kept looking at the starry sky outside, as if something was about to rush out of his mind and release all this, but in the end, he didn't remember anything.

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