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   Chapter 592 I Saw Him

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Hearing this, Edward frowned even more. 'Did this crazy woman have anything to do with me?' he thought.

Amanda raised her hand to touch his face. She really saw him again. She was not dreaming, but really touching him in reality. Her hands were trembling, as if she was touching a precious and fragile treasure.

In the past few nights, she had never been able to fall asleep safely. Every time she closed her eyes, she would see the cold and desperate scene of him being buried under the sea. She stubbornly believed that he was not dead. Finally, when he appeared again, Amanda felt as if she was going to become a puppet. Every movement was full of joy, so that her limbs were a little stiff.

He frowned and dodged from Amanda's hand. "I'm sorry. You got the wrong person," he said.

Adriana was surprised to hear that. She looked at Edward and asked, "Edward, are you crazy? Maybe this lady really knows you."

"It is impossible," Edward said indifferently. He held Adriana's hand and walked out directly. He even didn't want the things in the shopping cart. Adriana was taken out by him in astonishment and walked to the busy street outside. When she turned around, she saw that the woman didn't chase after her, but Edward kept walking. After walking two streets, Adriana couldn't help but shake off his hand and said, "That's enough. How long do you want to escape the truth?"

"Aren't we going to aunt's house?" Edward said lightly, "If so, let's go ahead."

"How dare you say that?" Thinking of the big basket of vegetables she left in the supermarket, Adriana felt heartbroken. It was all her carefully selected things. She had spent so much time, but he just gave up so many things willfully. It was very time consuming to choose.

But she was more curious why Edward would be so cold to people who seemed to know his identity. Didn't he want to go back to the past? 'Doesn't he want to know who he is?' she thought.

"Edward, maybe that woman really knows you. Why don't you talk to her?" Adriana couldn't help but ask.

'She knows me?' Edwar

e to her senses. Seeing that Gregorio was grabbing her, she struggled and said, "Let go of me! I'm going to find him!"

"Stop it, Amanda. Go back now!" Gregorio pulled her away.

Amanda saw that Darren took the woman to the end of the street. She could have chased after him as long as she had gone through the road, but she was pulled by Gregorio and blocked by a surging car. Then Darren and the woman went farther and farther.

"Let go of me! I saw Darren. I saw Darren! I'm going to find him!" Cried Amanda anxiously.

"He is dead," Gregorio said. He ignored her words. These days, she had been muttering that Darren was not dead and everyone was cooperating. But that person was indeed dead. Mr. Darren was in the past. After all, people had to move forward.

"No, I saw him! He's not dead. Let go of me!" Being led by him, Amanda stumbled. In a hurry, she raised her hand and bit Gregorio's hand. Unprepared, Amanda bit the sinews of Gregorio's hand and released Amanda's hand unconsciously. Amanda turned around and ran away. She was thin and agile. She flashed in the crowd for two times and avoided his sight.

Gregorio turned around and wanted to catch her, but he couldn't find her. He had a headache and rubbed his forehead. He immediately called someone to look for Amanda. She was in a trance now and acted rashly. He couldn't let anything happen to her.

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