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   Chapter 590 Survive In A Desperate Situation

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In C City, Darren's original reputation was not that famous, and no one would want to release news in C City. Besides, Amanda didn't want this matter to become a hot topic every there.

So the father and daughter didn't know who Darren was, so Adriana called him Edward.

He had also taken Edward to see the doctor, but because Edward didn't suffer too much physical damage, he just lost his memory. The Jiang family was not a rich family, and they lived a normal life by fishing in the sea. They couldn't spend all their savings just to treat this unknown person.

As a result, Edward's medical treatment was delayed. In addition, Adriana Jiang's father found that Edward was in good health and was determined to make a match between him and his daughter.

Adriana Jiang was the only daughter of her father. She lost her mother and was a simple clerk in C City. Occasionally, she would go fishing with her father. She saw Darren lying on the reef first and saved him. When her father was unwilling to give a penny to Darren to see a doctor from the beginning, it was also because of her that she insisted on taking her private money to take Darren to the hospital.

This time, in order to enhance the relationship between the two people, her father insisted that they take a car through most of the city to a remote grocery store in H City in order to buy a roll of tape that he said was the best.

It took ten hours to buy the tape. It was a rare day for Adriana to have a rest. Her father had arranged her to come here in the early morning and she had to rush back by bus in the evening.

When they were on the bus, Adriana saw people passing by and sighed, "Edward, you can't find your identity in C City. Have you ever thought that you might be from H City? Maybe you will meet someone who knows you here."

There was no expression on the man's face. As long as he thought of the past, his head would feel very painful. Moreover, there was a voice in his heart that told him not to think about it. Abandon everything in the past and start a new life. However

as Jacob's mother, of course she had the right to help him manage these things. With the two of them supporting themselves here, and with the help of Sophie and Gregorio, even if there were people in the company who were dissatisfied, they wouldn't be too direct, and their euphemistic words were basically ignored by Amanda.

"What's this?" Christine asked curiously.

"Nothing. I just read it casually," said Amanda with a smile.

She closed her book. Sitting next to her, Christine said, "Then, mommy, can you tell me a story?"

"What story does Christine want to hear?" Amanda asked.

Blinking her eyes, Christine thought about what her uncle had told her. She clapped her hands and said, "I want to listen to the story of the mermaid."

Hearing her request, Amanda felt bitter again and again. The prince of the mermaid was in a similar situation as Darren. Unfortunately, she could never wait for Darren to come back.

"There are many happy mermaid in the deep sea..." Holding Christine in her arms, Amanda said in a low voice. When Sheryl pushed the door open, he saw that Amanda was telling stories to Christine. He couldn't help smiling. It was really good that his sister could calm down now.

After telling the story to Christine, Amanda stood up and said, "Sheryl, I want to go out for a walk. Do you want anything to eat? I can take them back for you."

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