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   Chapter 587 Back There

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Unfortunately, Jacob was too young now.

"Mom, I want to protect the An Group for Dad. Will you agree with me?" Jacob asked for Amanda's opinion.

There was no reason for Amanda to object.

However, with the shares in his hands, Jacob couldn't grow up as carefree as other children. Amanda wanted him to be like an ordinary child, but after such a thing happened to him, he had no choice but to grow up.

"Let's go to see dad. I miss him," Jacob said.

Amanda nodded.

"Christine will go with us. She has the right to know the truth," Jacob added. His sister might not know what death meant in her mind, but it was better than lying to her that his father was far away and would come back soon.

After the accident, Jacob became more mature and reserved.

It was not that he was not sad, but that there were more things waiting for the living people to do.

If Jacob hadn't found a suitable organ to transplant and died at that time, his father would be in the same mood as him. Even if he was extremely painful in his heart, he must be rational. After all, everything was waiting for them to deal with.

The waves surged towards the beach silently. The sky was overcast, with an uncomfortable smell of the sea. The waves nearby were white with a lot of bubbles. The seagulls looked listless.

Christine was wearing a black gauze skirt. She didn't understand why she had to wear black clothes. Moreover, everyone looked very serious. She held the toy in her arms and timidly hid behind Jacob.

Gradually, several small black dots appeared on the sea and approached slowly. There were more than a dozen ships, and the people on the ships were all wearing the same uniform and belonged to the search and rescue team. These days, they had been searching on the sea, but did not find any trace. Many people were buried in the sea without bones. After all, the sea was so big, and there were so many fish in the sea. If they continued to search, if they found some part of Darren. Then their last hope would break. It would hurt their feelings too much.

The rescue team got off the ship, stood in front of Amanda and said respectfully, "Mrs. An."

"Thank you so much," Amanda said. They were also exhausted. With her order, they had to float on the sea all

Although he was also worried about his sister, he still pretended to be calm in front of Jacob and said, "Your mother was just sad for a moment and was a little sensitive. After everything here is handled, we will go back to H City, which is far away from the sea. Your mother will be fine when she calms down."

"Uncle, can't we really find daddy?" Jacob asked again.

Sheryl didn't say anything more. He didn't want to say anything to hurt Jacob's heart, nor did he want to lie to make him happy.

Jacob knew what he meant, and he couldn't pretend to be confused with his uncle's expression.

However, it was not easy to get his father's love after so many years. He would not feel good when he lost it all of a sudden.

The ship soon arrived at the island. Seeing the buildings on the island, Jacob was a little surprised. The manor in H City was already resplendent and magnificent, and although this place was small, it was also chic and exquisite.

The blue sky, white clouds, sunny beach, and the sunlight on the white beach made people unable to open their eyes. The villa with numerous craftsmen and painstaking efforts was just in front of them.

"You can go there and have a look. Your father grew up there." Standing on the ship, Amanda waved at Christine and Jacob.

'Was this the place where daddy grew up? It looked like a castle in fairy tales, ' she wondered. Christine couldn't help but sigh, "Dad was so happy when he was a child."

Hearing this, Amanda suddenly burst into tears.

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