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   Chapter 584 I Told Him The Truth

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 7381

Updated: 2020-05-16 00:06

Christine pursed her lips and followed her brother into the elevator.

It was obvious that two small kids entered the elevator.

In the elevator, when Christine was bored, she played with the knots in her brother's bag. When she was tired, she leaned over Jacob and said, "Brother, can you carry me on your back?"

Jacob carried Christine on his back and went to the core office floor. The people around were surprised to see that Jacob came alone. They smiled and asked, "Why hasn't Mr. Darren come yet?"

"Christine, don't run around." Jacob avoided the question directly. He grabbed Christine and put her on the floor. Christine was almost asleep. When she looked up, she saw the strange decoration everywhere. She was a little scared. She followed Jacob to the office of Darren.

A figure was sitting in front of the computer and typing something with ten fingers.

Christine ran over happily and shouted, "Dad, dad."

Jacob didn't move, because those people had just said that his father hadn't come back yet. 'Who was the man who occupied his father's position?' Jacob wondered.

"Ah!" Christine ran over and saw a strange face. She was so frightened that she sat on the ground. When she realized what had happened, she quickly ran to hide behind Jacob.

"Uncle Gregorio." Jacob was a little surprised to see Gregorio's face behind the computer. It was Uncle Gregorio. But wasn't he in B Country? 'Why did he come back without informing me?' he wondered.

"It's me. Why are you here?" Gregorio was also a little surprised to see Jacob. Seeing the doubts in Jacob's eyes, Gregorio thought it was necessary to tell Jacob the current situation first.

So he sat up on the sofa and said, "Let me tell you something first."

"Okay." Seeing that there were indeed a lot of things he needed to know, Jacob nodded calmly and sat on the sofa.

Christine asked timidly, "Brother, who is he? I don't know him."

"He's Uncle Gregorio, the person our mother trusts most," Jacob said, patting Christine's hand.

"Do you bring your sister here to look for your father?" Gregorio asked.

Jacob nodded and said, "Mom has a fever and uncle is taking care of her, so we come to find my dad."

irst," Jacob said.

"Don't you want to see our father?" Christine asked.

"Daddy is not here." Looking at the gray sky in the distance, he felt a little sad for a moment. He didn't know where his father was now, and where he was going to find him. He had never been to A City. It was said that his father had grown up there. Why did his father have an accident there? He wanted to ask his mother about it.

After a while, Amanda finally got some strength. The injection given by Doctor Nian was very effective and soon her fever was brought down. It was because Amanda was too excited before that she almost went into shock.

When she got up, she found that Sheryl had already fallen asleep leaning against the edge of the bed. He had been on the plane for more than half a day and was very tired. When he came back, he caught her fever. Sheryl had been taking care of her all the time and fell asleep unconsciously.

She stood up and saw a shocking message on her phone under the pillow. "Jacob came to me and I told him the truth."

'What? Jacob?'

With her eyes wide open, Amanda sneaked out of the room and went to the balcony. Amanda immediately dialed Gregorio's number.

"Why did you tell him? Are you crazy? He is still a child. How can he accept it?" Darren and Jacob loved each other so much. What if Jacob did something stupid when he knew that something bad had happened to Darren? With a headache, Amanda shouted at him, "Where is Jacob now?"

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