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   Chapter 580 She Doesn't Know A Good Thing Till It's Gone

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"I'm back." The signature was Gregorio.

Seeing the message, Amanda's heart sank. But the simple words softened her heart. He was back. She was so lonely and helpless at this time, but he chose to come back at this time and stand with her, so that she could have a support. It was like a timely rain.

It must be Sophie who told him about it, so Gregorio came back as soon as possible.

But she owed the Lin family more. Every time he had to work for her.

After sending the message, Gregorio immediately took a taxi to the An Family.

When Amanda opened the door for him, Christine had already been coaxed to sleep by her, and Nora had been sent away by her. The room was bright and clean. Amanda was wearing household clothes, and her eyes were red, but she looked calm.

Gregorio was really worn out. His hair was still wet, and the luggage in his hand had not been put down. He was wearing an overcoat. After all, the temperature in B Country was still a little low, so it was inevitably inappropriate to come to H City by wearing this.

Amanda took him in.

Gregorio put down his luggage, took off his coat and hung it aside. Then he asked, "What's going on now?"

"Last night, he drove the Safe Swallow to the villa on the sea and lost the signal in the early morning. Today, we followed the search and rescue team to find the remains of the Safe Swallow in a reef area, but we didn't find him," Amanda said in a choked voice.

"Is the search and rescue still going on? Did the news get out?" Gregorio asked.

"No." She shook her head. "I'll keep them going. They can't stop until they find him. I've blocked the news. I don't know what impact it will bring to the An Group if everybody knew this."

Gregorio nodded. She handled it well and was in good order in emergency.

She was the saddest one now, but for the sake of the overall situation, she had to hold on.

He sighed and asked slowly, "What happened between you and him?"

Speaking of this, tears streamed down Amanda's face. She looked at Gregorio and said, "You knew the truth from the beginning, but you chose to hide it from me."

"Because you don't want to know that in

t telling me. When I knew it was his father who killed my parents, I didn't know how to face it. But even if I really hate him, I never thought of forcing him to death."

She stood up like a ghost and looked at the bright and warm living room. It was full of happiness before yesterday. The whole family was curling up in the living room. Christine was proudly showing them her potted plant had bloomed a little white flower again.

On the other side of the room, Darren was arranging the work for next month. Christine didn't like to be ignored, so she pouted and sat there angrily. When Darren hung up the phone and saw his little princess pouting angrily, he threw her in the air for two circles, which made her laugh.

She remembered their conversation. He once said to her, "You know what? When I went to your hotel to see you before, I didn't know who you were. Jacob sent me out, but he suddenly asked me to throw him in the air. I didn't understand, but I saw a father in a restaurant across the street, who was throwing his child in the air. The child's face was smiling, which was exclusive to the father and son. Jacob was also very eager for it." Darren once hugged Christine and sighed.

He owed Jacob a lot. In the past few years, he should have taken good care of Amanda and Jacob. During the six years when Amanda had been hiding in J Country, he had done something wrong. He was trying to make up for what he owed Jacob.

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