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   Chapter 574 He Had Already Known It

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Christine nodded slightly and said with tears, "I have to wait for dad and mom."

Darren turned around and went out. It was late at night. The stars in the sky were a little cold, and people's breath could be white mist in the light.

He drove out. It was not difficult to find out where Amanda was. She was in a bad mood, so she booked a room in the hotel and it was on the top floor. Darren drove directly to the hotel and easily arrived at the door.

Amanda had expected that she would be found by him. Christine was frightened by her sudden leave before, and she also didn't feel well. She sat alone on the windowsill. The window was open, and the cold wind blew. She was wearing thin clothes, looking a little bleak.

When Darren opened the door and saw this scene, he didn't say anything but quietly closed the door. He walked over, stood behind her, and held her tightly in his arms. Her slender body trembled and resisted in his arms.

"Amanda, let bygones be bygones." He said in a low voice, "It's meaningless to investigate it. It will only make everyone suffer. I know that my father has done such an excessive thing to your family. I don't deny grandpa's means, but they are not for you. You are so important to me, and so are you to Christine and Jacob."

"But my parents are also very important to me." Sobbing, Amanda continued, "How do you want me to let it go? How do you want me to face the fact that your father cruelly plotted to kill my parents in the past? My brother has been in a vegetative state for so many years. It's all your fault. It's all your family's fault."

Tears welled up in her eyes as she said, "And what's the difference between what I did and regarding the enemy as a friend? I even love you and gave birth to children with you. I'm sorry for dad and mom, I'm sorry for Sheryl, and I'm sorry for the Cheng family."

"It's not your fault, nor mine. We two were only kids at that time, and we knew nothing at all." Seeing that she was too excited to control herself, Darren immediately grabbed her body and said excitedly, "Besid

." Said Darren.

"When did you know that?" Asked Amanda.

The man lowered his eyes and said in a hoarse voice, "When Rose lost her child."

At that time, his emotions towards her were sometimes cold and sometimes hot, and when Rose lost her child, he was also cold to her. It turned out that he had known all of this at that time?

"I know you won't do that." The man hugged her and said guiltily, "But grandpa knew it and was worried about you being with me, so he threatened me with this secret. He wanted me to let you go, or he would directly expose this secret. At that time, you were pregnant. If you knew this, I was afraid that the child would be unable to survive."

"So you have to treat me like that, to make me feel guilty, to make me think that you don't love me, and to make me sad and unable to sleep all day long?" Although she had been well prepared, it was still hard for Amanda to accept it after hearing what Darren said.

"It's indeed selfish for you, but this is the safest way I could think of at that time." Darren whispered.

"Darren, you've gone too far." Amanda was so angry that she kicked him away at once. She jumped off the window and stood on the ground. Her face was full of resentment. She was almost pissed off. Had Darren considered for her before? He only gave her a seemingly safe environment. Was that more important than everything?

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