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   Chapter 572 Calm Down

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 6939

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"What nonsense are you talking about?" Frowning, Amanda looked at Susie angrily.

Seeing the uneasiness on Amanda's face, Susie felt happy in her heart. Her words were like bullets that were constantly spitting out, one after another cruel and heartbreaking.

"You just like rich man, no matter who he is. In Darren's eyes, you were just a woman who came for nothing and had to pay for a sleep at that time. Now you became his wife and have his children. Are you very proud of it? If you have any revenge, just do it. A poor and pathetic woman like you can only do something to us who have no power to fight back."

With these words, the resentment in [程素欢]'s heart seemed to dissipate more than half. All the women in the world were envious of Amanda now. She married Darren, gave birth to two children for Darren, and formed a perfect family. Darren protected her well, and such a cold man would also be warm to his true love.

Why could Amanda get Darren's love so easily without anything? Susie was not reconciled. She also hated that Amanda had set the Cheng family on fire and made Darren angry at the Cheng Group, which made their family live a poor life now.

"Make it clear. Just skip those unnecessary words to express your emotions. I know your plan. You just want to criticize me on the moral ground and make me grateful to you. Let's get to the point. I don't have the time to listen to your complaints, especially from the loser," Amanda said.

"You!" Susie looked at Amanda angrily. This woman was really ruthless now. She didn't come here to scold Amanda. Thinking of the situation at home, Susie's eyes were filled with tears. "Amanda, I'm just not reconciled. We didn't do anything to you, but you were so cruel to us. Even if the Cheng family didn't take good care of you, do you have to be so merciless now?"

"I don't know what happened to you. If there is, it was Darren who did it. I was kept in the dark. You know what kind of person he is. He won't change his mind easily because of my words, especially for those who have hurt me. I don't wa

popular. They all said that he was the murderer of killing my parents. There are already two people tell me about this. If there is the third person who tells me about this again, I will believe it."

Darren stopped and said in a low voice, "The third one will never appear. Never."

Everything was set up. It was Gregorio who stopped the plan. Why did she suddenly meet Susie at this time? This was completely out of Darren's expectation, but Amanda's reaction was something he had prepared for countless times.

'There won't be a third person, so forget what the first two people said, okay?

Let's forget the past that we shouldn't bear, okay?

Let's just remember that our family should be together all the time, okay?'

He thought in his heart again and again.

But he couldn't speak it out. No matter how hot his eyes were, they couldn't warm the heart that was slowly losing warmth in front of him.

"Darren, how long do you want to lie to me?" Amanda looked at him with tears in her eyes. She had wanted to stop the investigation and let the past be the past, but once the truth was revealed, she would not escape. And Darren's attitude had shown everything. He had known the truth at the very beginning, and he had been hiding it from her.

"Amanda, calm down. Let's go back first. I'll tell you everything you want to know," Darren held her hand and said.

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