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   Chapter 571 Family Or Enemy

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 7139

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She sighed with a smile and was about to pick Christine up and walk away. Christine said discontentedly, "I just came back. I'm so tired. Besides, I've only played two games, and the result hasn't been decided yet."

"Well, let's play after we come back. Let's go to see what delicious food dad will take us to eat first," said Amanda with a smile. Then she used to turn off Darren's computer, but she accidentally clicked on other documents. Amanda was stunned, and the document's thumb was showing photos. Out of curiosity, she opened it. As a result, she saw the secretly photographed photos inside, and her eyes widened in an instant.

She was very familiar with the people in the photo. It was Gregorio and her brother, Sheryl, who were drinking coffee together. It was an ordinary thing. She didn't understand why these photos were stored in Darren's computer and why he wanted them.

All of a sudden, Amanda felt a little familiar. It seemed that Sheryl had shared the place with her. The egg tarts made near Sheryl's residence were the best. She had asked Gregorio to visit Sheryl in E Country at that time. Did he take these photos at that time? Judging from the clothes and weather of the people in it, it was true. But how could these be found in Darren's computer? Had he been sending someone to follow Sheryl and Gregorio?

All of a sudden, Amanda felt that there were still many secrets in Darren's computer that she didn't know. She patted on Christine's shoulder and said, "Christine, ask dad to take you to the garden to water the strawberry, okay?"

Christine was a little confused and ignorant. She didn't know what her mother was thinking at the moment. Thinking of the strawberry seedling she planted, she immediately pulled Darren to water the strawberry first. Sitting in front of the computer, Amanda searched the files carefully. She found the location of the photos and the encrypted files. Amanda took out the U disk carefully and copied the file to her U disk. Then she cleaned the traces and turned off the computer.

Darren was watering the strawberry on the ground carefully with a kettle in his ha

. Thinking of the blow from the An Group had made the Cheng Group become as pathetic as a rat crossing the street over the years, her father had so much white hair on his head, and her mother looked haggard. She was also angry with Judy every day. It was all because of this woman, Amanda. She was the bane of the Cheng family.

Hearing Susie's accusation, Amanda couldn't get angry at all. In her eyes, Susie was as insignificant as an ant. Looking at Susie, Amanda said indifferently, "Do you want to be more miserable? Do you want to have a try?"

Susie was startled. She didn't expect that Amanda would become so cold now. This was not the soft-hearted woman she knew before. Although she was irritable, she always cared about others. It could be seen that she had changed a lot in the past few years.

But when she thought of the situation at home, Susie sneered, "Of course I know you are now the hostess of the An Group, and you have everything you want. Of course you have the ability to make our family's situation more miserable. But, Amanda, I'm sorry for you. Even if you could get whatever you want, so what? You treat us as enemies. It was because when we fought against each other, I made you lose your baby, right? You can still marry and have your own child with the son of the man who killed your parents. Live a peaceful life. Hatred is certainly not more important than wealth in your eyes, right?"

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