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   Chapter 570 Sense Of Compassion

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"Mom, those two people are so pitiful." Christine couldn't help but pull Amanda's sleeve and said, "Let's help them, okay?"

She didn't expect to see Tessa in such a situation, and she didn't expect that Tessa would live such a miserable life at present.

Amanda stood aside and watched for a long time. Susie was the mastermind of the loss of her child at that time, and the Tessa was also an accomplice. Tessa could still remember how much pain the Cheng family had caused to Amanda. But Amanda didn't expect that Darren's revenge would be so fierce that the Cheng family was completely depressed.

"Christine, shouldn't the person who did something wrong be responsible for his fault? People should responsible for what they have done, right?" Lowering her head, Amanda looked at Christine and said.

Christine nodded slightly, "Yes, people should be responsible for what they have done. But that woman's attitude is too aggressive. The car is just an item, but people have feelings. Besides, I will be unhappy when I see others unhappy, so I want to help them." Then Christine looked at Amanda with an innocent look on her face and said, "The gift my father gave to me on Children's Day is a wish. Can I ask my mother to help those two people with this wish?"

Looking at the innocent smile on her daughter's face, Amanda nodded with a smile, "Of course you can. Little angel, go and tell them the good news."

Christine ran to Tessa happily, took out a handkerchief and wiped her tears. "Grandma, don't cry."

Tessa raised her head and saw a lovely girl standing in front of her with a sweet smile. When she saw the handkerchief that the child handed to her, she felt warm in her heart. She waved her hand and said, "You're a nice girl. But I don't need it."

Turning to the woman, Christine said, "Don't talk to grandma like that anymore. Mom said she would compensate you."

"Who is your mother? Why does she want to pay the money for this old lady?" the woman asked with arms akimbo.

Christine turned to look at Amanda. Amanda walked out and said, "I'll compensate for your loss. Let them go please."

"You make the compensation for me? Why? Are you telling the truth?" the woman asked in disbelief.

"I'm right here. Everyone is listening my words. Ask

matter at all. You don't have to stick to the past. After all, it has been a long time since those things happened. People have to look forward." Darren knew that it was because of the conflict that she helped Tessa, but he couldn't be frank to Christine. Seeing that [Christine was happy to help Tessa, it was inevitable for Amanda to feel a little uncomfortable, because she didn't want to tell her daughter. The person that her little baby wanted to help was the one who had caused her so miserable back then.

She would never let her child know what had happened over the years. Forget it. Let Christine do something simple and help the person in need. Amanda closed her eyes and leaned against his chest lazily. Darren lowered his head and kissed her on the lips.

"It's time for me to cook," said Amanda, raising her hand to stop him.

"Let's go out to eat." Darren said that since she was in a bad mood, he'd better not let her cook. It was okay to cook a bad meal, but it would not be worthwhile to hurt himself again.

Amanda nodded and Darren went to drive.

Amanda went to look for Christine. Christine was sitting in Darren's study room and playing games with relish. It seemed that just now, Darren opened a small game to coax her. Darren's computer stored confidential documents. Back then, she had been eager to use his computer for a long time before he agreed. When it came to Christine, she didn't need to say anything else but could use the computer. It was really a differential treatment.

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