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   Chapter 567 Both Of You Are My Treasures

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 7444

Updated: 2020-05-13 00:05

"What would you like for lunch?" It was already half past five in the morning. Looking at the scattered stars in the sky, Amanda found that the night sky was a little blue and dark, as if she was on the morning shift in J Country.

Looking at the night sky, Amanda couldn't help but miss the happy and full life with Jacob in J Country. Although she was short of money, she still lived a comfortable and happy life.

"Why do you ask me what for lunch first? It will be in the morning soon." Darren held her in his arms. Her body was a little cold because of the wind. He held her in his arms to warm her up.

Turning to look at him, Amanda rolled her eyes and said, "Because I don't want to make breakfast today. You make do with it. I need to go back to sleep."

Darren was speechless. He held her waist and said, "I don't want to cook, but I have to have breakfast."

She pushed him away and walked into the bedroom, shouting, "No, I don't want to make breakfast. I want to sleep. If you dare to disturb me, you will sleep in the living room tonight." After saying that, she yawned and huddled up in the quilt, ready to sleep.

"Don't cover your head." Darren was not sleepy now, and he had the habit of getting up early. He moved Amanda's head out of quilt, pinched her nose and said, "If you want to sleep, just sleep in a comfortable way."

She bit his finger, shrank back into the quilt and said in a muffled voice, "You should go to work now."

Darren got up and took a shower. Then he went to Christine's room to see her. He found that Christine was also awake, sitting on the windowsill and looking at the stars outside. Hearing the door open, Christine turned around and pointed at the sky, "Dad, there are so many stars."

"Yes, a lot. Christine, if you want to see more stars, I'll take you to the planetarium, okay?" Darren asked.

Christine nodded slightly and asked, "Why does dad get up so early?"

"Dad is here to make breakfast today. Do you like the breakfast made by me?" Darren asked with a smile.

Blinking her eyes, Christine asked tentatively, "Can I have any milk biscuits and egg custard?"

Darren nodded, "Of course. No problem."

Hearing that, Christine was a little excited. T

I am more obedient than daddy?"

"Of course not," Amanda said.

Christine tilted her head slightly and felt a little aggrieved. "Am I disobedient?"

"I don't need Christine to be obedient. You are my baby. No matter what, I love you the most. Mommy is daddy's baby. No matter how mommy bullies daddy, daddy still loves mommy. Do you understand?" Amanda said confidently.

"Is Christine daddy's baby?" Christine asked.

"Of course," Darren said, holding the two of them in his arms. "Both of you are my treasures."

"Then you are a fish eye. We are pearls," Amanda said with a smile. Her waist was pinched by Darren. She pinched his face and said, "Go and cook now. I want to eat the bun from the JX Restaurant. Buy it for me, okay?"

Darren went out to buy the food she wanted to eat. And Amanda told the story of passing fish eyes for pearls to Christine. To supplement her knowledge.

It was raining in E Country. It was like a rainy season. It rained for four days in a row. Sheryl and Jacob didn't go anywhere. They just stayed in their rooms and there was also a place to go. It would be exciting to play drift in rainy days, but the two of them didn't go. They just liked to stay in the room quietly.

There was no sound in the room. Jacob was carefully drawing his design on his tablet. Sheryl was drawing with a colorful pen. He didn't know what he was drawing, but he felt good with the brush. Looking at the marks on the white paper, he felt comfortable.

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