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   Chapter 565 I Don't Want To Disturb Her

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Although Gregorio kissed her forcefully, he was just too excited and didn't have much strength. In addition, he also had a stomachache, so Bella pushed him away easily. She gasped and helped him out and put him on the sofa.

"Amanda, don't go. Don't leave me." Gregorio endured the pain in his stomach and grabbed Bella's hand. "I'm not leaving. Calm down," she comforted him. She waited anxiously and wondered why the doctor hadn't come yet.

At this moment, the ambulance came. Bella asked the doctor to send the half-comatose Gregorio to the hospital, and she followed him hurriedly.

Gregorio had been holding her hand all the time. This cold man was like a helpless child who had a nightmare. When Bella looked at him, she couldn't help but feel sorry for him.

Compared with his pain, it was a joke that she liked Ward. The one who loved someone deeply was right in front of her.

How many injuries did he have to suffer to be strong now? Did he have to block all this just because that woman had someone else by her side?

"If that woman knew you loved her so much, she might choose you," Bella said in a low voice. Speaking of this, Bella was stunned. She suddenly remembered that there was a string of numbers behind Gregorio's photo, which seemed to be someone's phone number.

After sending Gregorio to the hospital, Bella took his finger to verify the fingerprints on the phone one by one. Then she unlocked the phone with his thumb and found the lawyer who had come to deal with things for Gregorio.

Seeing that Gregorio was lying in the hospital, the lawyer was shocked with his eyes wide open. 'What did Mr. Gregorio do? He entered the police station just now and then entered the hospital. What happened? Can't Mr. Gregorio control himself?' the lawyer thought.

Looking at the lawyer's eyes, Bella felt very uncomfortable. The lawyer was very straightforward and paid for Gregorio in private. After all, now Gregorio was so inconvenient, and the medical fees were not a big deal for him.

"You are his girlfriend, right? Why don't

nda anymore. Why did this woman poke her nose into everything all the time? If Darren knew this phone call, it would bring much trouble to Amanda.

It was the first time that Bella had been scolded like this. Her eyes turned red, but she still said stubbornly, "I can get out. If I do something wrong, I will apologize to her when she comes. But when she knows that you are in hospital, she is also very anxious and concerned. She wants to give me money without saying anything. She doesn't care whether I am a liar or not. Since she cares about you so much, and you like her so much, why do you have to hide your feelings for her? You love her so much that you should let her know."

He closed his eyes and sneered, "It's useless to let her know. Do you think she can be with me? Her daughter is already half a year old."

"So what? You can be a father even if the child is not yours. And I believe that even if it is not your child, you can still be a good father," Bella said.

"She has a seven year old son." Gregorio said indifferently, "Her husband's assets are dozens of times more than mine now, and he loves her in all kinds of ways. When he proposed, he directly took out half of the assets and put them under her name."

"What?" Bella's mouth was wide open, as if she could put an egg in it. 'It turned that Amanda has an excellent husband, ' she thought.

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