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   Chapter 564 Drown Sorrows In Wine

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 7710

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The light was turned on all of a sudden. Startled, Bella saw Gregorio take out a quilt and put it on the sofa. "Don't forget to cover it at night," he said.

With a sob, Bella lowered her head and said, "Thank you."

"When you are young, you will meet someone who is not suitable for you." Sitting next to her, Gregorio said, "Whether you are not good, or he is not good, or both of you are good, it's just that you met at a wrong time. Love is the best thing to have a try. It doesn't matter if you can have it a few more times. You are still young."

Bella was a little stunned. She looked at Gregorio and asked, "Are you comforting me?"

"I just find that maybe forgetting is a good thing." Gregorio turned his face and smiled.

Now, Sophie was brave enough to pursue her love. What was the meaning of the person he had always been keeping in his heart? And Amanda would not want him to remember her all the time. Even if love was only buried in his heart, it would become a time bomb of uncertainty. Just like last time, he wanted to take the risk to work with Sheryl to suppress Darren and take Amanda back to his arms.

Amanda had fallen in love with Darren deeply. No matter what happened, their relationship would not fade away. Why should he force her again?

"What? What are you talking about?" Bella asked.

"I said can you drink?" Gregorio said lightly, "How can you not celebrate after you get rid of the bad man?"

"I broke up with my boyfriend. What's there to celebrate?" Bella said sadly. But then she patted her leg and said, "Yes, you're right. I want to drink. I want to be drunk!" She looked at Gregorio generously and asked, "Where is the fridge?"

Gregorio pointed at a direction, Bella rushed over excitedly, opened the door and said, "This is the bathroom."

"I haven't come here for a long time. I almost forget the structure of the house," Gregorio said. The corners of his mouth twitched.

"How could such a person live a better life than me?" Bella thought that Gregorio was a big fool. He lost his wallet and pointed at the wrong door, so she could only look for the fridge by herself. Fortunately, she later found the kitchen and went into it, as if entering a palace. This was definitely the most beautiful kitchen she had ever seen. All kinds of kitchenw

are weak now. Don't move." Bella didn't know how to continue, so she could only comfort him.

"I miss you so much. I want to take you away from him and take good care of you so that you and Jacob won't get hurt again. But you would rather follow him with wounds than follow me. I can only hide you in my heart and hope you can always be happy," Gregorio held her hand and said.

'What an affectionate man!' Bella sighed and muttered. "Why didn't I meet such a good man? I really don't know how good this Amanda is. Why do you keep thinking about her so much?" she murmured.

As Bella spoke, she got up from the sofa and rushed into the bathroom to vomit. She was drunk and the alcohol came up again. After vomiting, she felt dizzy. She rinsed her mouth and patted the cold water on her face to sober herself up. After all, there was a patient who needed to be taken care of.

As soon as she turned around, she was hugged by Gregorio. He whispered in her ear, "Amanda, don't go, don't go. Don't leave me."

"Hey, what are you doing?" Before Bella could react, he pressed her on the washing table and kissed her on the lips. She was shocked with her eyes wide open. Even if she had been in love with Ward Lin for a long time, they could only hold hands and hug each other. She didn't expect that a stranger would take advantage of her like this.

But Bella didn't get angry, because she knew that Gregorio was not a bad man. Seeing that Gregorio was so obsessed with that woman, she was afraid that he had taken her as Amanda.

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