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   Chapter 563 Is He As Handsome As Me

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There were his ID card, name card, some cash and several bank cards in the wallet.

Gregorio went to the police station first. The police said in surprise, "Your girlfriend has taken it away. Didn't she give it to you?"

He couldn't help thinking of the little girl with a sunflower in her arms. She looked like a simple student. The money in his wallet should be enough for her to buy air tickets to any country in the world. She wouldn't have to work hard for another summer vacation to make up a plane ticket to witness the destruction of love.

But the identification card inside was very important to him. Gregorio didn't say anything more, turned around and left.

"Hey, you are finally here." A crisp female voice sounded behind him again. A girl walked out from the shadow in the corner of the flower bed. She had been sitting there for too long, and her knees were a little bent unnaturally. Looking at Gregorio, she waved her wallet and said, "Finally you are here. I don't dare to go in and give it to them, because I'm afraid that they will blame me if they find out that we are not a couple. I think you'll take it back if you find it's thrown away, so I've been waiting here."

Gregorio looked at her and said in a low voice, "Don't you know the temperature here will drop to seven or eight degrees at night? Are you not responsible for your own health at all?"

Looking at her thin clothes and trembling, Gregorio's eyes were a little gloomy.

The girl was startled and then said, "I'm fine. In fact, it's cool." However, her poor acting skill and pretending to be strong couldn't hide from Gregorio.

'Do girls nowadays have to do this? She was so stupid that she would never admit defeat and never say anything weak, ' he thought. Unconsciously, her face overlapped the lively face in his memory. He slowly raised his hand to touch her face, as if he had traveled through space and time back to the time when they first met.

"Hey, what are you doing?" The girl was surprised by his action, but she didn't dodge, because she could tell from his body that he was not a bad guy. He had a sense of vicissitudes and calmness, like a pine on a snow mountain, with white snow in his cloak, dark green needle leaves with cold light, but making people feel at ease to rely on.

"It's ok

ed that they were just bluffing. Looking at Gregorio's fighting skills, the man didn't dare to shout anymore.

Confused, Bella Song was pulled into the car by Gregorio and sat on the passenger seat. She could tell that the car was expensive. She looked around curiously and suddenly burst into laughter. "I didn't expect you to be so warm-hearted. Why do you always act like a cold-hearted person?"

"Get off if you don't want to sit here," Gregorio stopped.

Bella Song immediately covered her mouth.

He drove her directly back to his house. It could be seen that this silly girl had no place to go because she had bought a ticket for her true love without considering the consequence.

Looking at the decoration of the house, Bella Song was stunned. "It's so beautiful. The life of the rich people is so nice. I don't know when I can live such a life."

"You sleep on the sofa and go back tomorrow." Gregorio said lightly, "If you have no objection, you can stay. If you have any objection, you ca leave now."

Bella Song, who was penniless, immediately agreed.

Gregorio went back to his room directly.

Sitting on the spacious sofa and watching Gregorio go upstairs, Bella Song breathed a sigh of relief. Looking at the decorations in the room, she didn't dare to move. Thinking of what she had suffered these days, she just smiled bitterly, and tears slowly fell down.

Although that person betrayed her without informing her, she still felt sad when she was alone. Because she had loved that man so much before.

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