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   Chapter 561 The Feeling Of Rebirth

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 7205

Updated: 2020-05-11 00:24

"Thank you, Jacob. I'm very happy." Sheryl held Jacob, who was very small in size, in his arms. With his determination, even if he gave up revenging, he was willing to risk his life for Jacob.

Seeing that he was so happy, Bruce curled his lips, but the corners of his mouth also curled up. At least, Sheryl was happy at the moment. He valued hatred too much, but he couldn't really be ruthless. Love and hatred entangled in his heart, just torturing himself over and over again.

When the three of them went back together, Jacob found an ugly fish in Sheryl's pocket and asked, "It's bought by you, uncle?"

Sheryl nodded. Because it was done by Bruce and changed the price willfully, Sheryl paid for it.

"Is it beautiful?" Bruce asked.

Jacob raised his chin arrogantly and said, "Not bad, but not as good as mine."

"You naughty boy." With these thoughts in his mind, Bruce raised his hand and lifted Jacob up to carry him on his shoulder. The feeling of heavy head and light feet made Jacob lose his balance all of a sudden. He shook his little arms and legs and protested, "Bruce, it's unfair for you to bully the small."

"Whatever you say. Sit tight. We're going." As he spoke, Bruce carried Jacob on his shoulder and ran forward. Sheryl ran with them with a smile. The wind was very gentle in his ears, and the smile in Sheryl's eyes was also very warm, like a flower blooming in front of water.

In the middle of the night, Jacob made a call to inform his mother of his safety.

"Today, I personally made a shell vase for my uncle. He liked it very much, but Bruce kept complaining that I didn't celebrate uncle's birthday on time." When it came to today's matter, Jacob was so happy that he burst into laughter and rolled back and forth on the bed. "Uncle likes the gift I made. Do you like it, mommy? I'll make one for you when I go back."

"Okay, Mommy will wait." Lying in Darren's arms, Amanda listened to Jacob who was interested in what was happening here with a smile in her eyes. She had been worried that Jacob would make trouble for Sheryl, but she didn't expect that the two of them would have a good time here. When Jac

rdly now. What are you thinking about?" Looking at the smile on Darren's face, Amanda leaned over and asked, rubbing her chin.

He put her head on the edge of the bed and said lazily, "It's so late. Don't make trouble anymore. Go to bed. I have a meeting tomorrow."

Amanda raised her hand, rubbed her nose and complained, "Fortunately, my nose is real. Otherwise, my nose must have been broken by you. You patted me on the head without saying anything. That's enough." But she just said that. Because she was in a good mood after receiving Jacob's call. A tigress could turn into a lamb in minutes.

The temperature in B Country had begun to drop. It was autumn, but it felt like winter. Gregorio was wearing a dark gray sweater and a dark green coat. His handsome face attracted many passer-by. The elegance and calmness of the Oriental man were reflected in his every move.

He didn't show much expression on his face, and the photo sent by Sophie was still displayed on his mobile phone. He didn't expect that his sister had fallen in love with someone at the first sight on the street of E Country after so many years of being a single woman. The man in the photo was obviously a few years younger than Sophie.

"Brother. I think I have finally let it go. Do you know the feeling of a seed sprouting in spring after it froze for a long time? I think I feel it." Seeing her meaningful message, Gregorio was lost in thought.

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