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   Chapter 560 Birthday Gift

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 6228

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Sheryl didn't say anything more. The two of them had already walked to the place where the charity products were sold. On the shelf, there were finished products made by all kinds of people. Some of them were strange and looked crooked, while some were lifelike and alive.

The price was marked according to the mood of the person who made it at that time. Some ugly things were marked with a sky high price, while some looked beautiful, but the price was ordinary.

"This ugly fish looks so expensive." Sheryl picked up the well-made ugly fish and said with a smile. The fish pouted and looked very angry. The funny half blink of an eye made people smile unconsciously.

"Really?" Bruce asked.

Sheryl nodded and looked at the series of zero on it. He smiled helplessly and said, "But this is really sky-high price. I can't afford it." The price tag on this ugly fish was so much zero. It seemed that the master wrote it casually.

With a smile, Bruce took out a pen and added a small point in front of the series of zero numbers. "Can you afford it in this way?"

Ten thousand instantly turned into one dollar. Looking at him, Sheryl didn't know whether to cry or to laugh. "Hey, how can you randomly change his price? Change it back quickly. If we change his price without his permission, it's so rude."

"No, you said you couldn't afford it. I've already lowered the price. If you still can't afford it, it can be seen that what you just said is fake." With a straight face, Bruce pushed the fish into Sheryl's hand.

Looking at him, Sheryl blinked and said, "Did you do it?"

"You are smart enough to see that I'm so extraordinary at a glance. You're a little knowledgeable," Bruce said calmly.

"Ha ha." Sheryl couldn't help laughing. He held the fish in his hand and out it beside Bruce's face. The he said, "Not bad. You do look like each

e, and the whole vase's layout was his name. It took a lot of time and effort. He didn't expect that Jacob was so exquisite.

"Today is uncle's birthday." Jacob blinked playfully and said, "Mommy hasn't forgotten. It's me who asked mommy to give uncle a surprise. What do you think? Surprise or not?"

'My birthday?' Sheryl didn't know that his birthday was coming. He didn't know the time yet. It wasn't long after he woke up, but it turned out that his birthday was coming.

Hearing what Jacob said, Bruce said with dissatisfaction, "Jacob, can you stop celebrating his birthday? It hasn't arrived yet. We have jet lag, okay?"

"My uncle was born in H City. Of course he will celebrate his birthday On H City time. You're late. Why don't you cook a big meal to make up for us when we go back later?" Jacob rolled his eyes at him and said, "You seem to be a good cook. Let's make do with it."

'Make do with it? Did he just make do with my cooking? This brat was so rude, ' Bruce thought.

But Sheryl didn't care about it at this time. He looked at the shell vase that Jacob drew specially for him. It turned out that Jacob was busy preparing this gift for him with all his heart. It was definitely the best gift he had received.

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