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   Chapter 558 You Are Attractive

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 6893

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"Hey, what are you doing? Are you making your flowerpot?" When Bruce raised his head to look at Jacob, he couldn't help but remind him.

Jacob came back to his senses and found that he had been paying attention to his uncle and didn't pay attention to the thing in his hand. As a result, he made a crooked thing, which was just like an abstract work. He couldn't help showing a look of regret. It was broken again.

"Do you need my help?" Seeing that Jacob was depressed, Bruce asked.

"No, thanks." He was not that stupid. It was all because he was distracted just now that he broke another piece. When he concentrated, he would definitely be able to make what he wanted. Jacob lowered his head and took out another piece to start making.

"Come on, Jacob. I'm looking forward to your shell flowerpot," Sheryl cheered up Jacob.

"Don't worry, uncle. I can make it." With his cheeks bulged up, Jacob began to work with great ambition.

With these thoughts in his mind, Bruce didn't stop his work. He quickly made a plate and then applied some color to it.

"What color of flower do you want?" Bruce asked.

Sheryl thought for a while and said, "Make red lotuses. They look fresh."

The red lotus and the emerald green lotus leaves were so beautiful. "Let's gather lotus seed by southern river shore. The lotus sways with teeming leaves we adore. Among the leaves fish play and have fun," Sheryl couldn't help but recite the poem in this way. The scenery in the poem was really beautiful.

"You always read poems when you immerse yourself in something. I think you don't have to do business. It's good to be a wandering poet. You can read poems all the way," Bruce said with a smile.

Sheryl rolled his eyes at him and said, "Begging and composing poems all the way?"

In fact, such a free life was also very tempting for Sheryl. He really wanted to escape from all the disputes and live a carefree life, but it seemed to be an extravagant hope for him. He had no right to choose his own life since he woke up.

With a little melancholy, Sh

sister has a prejudice against me. Although I don't know how it happened, in order to avoid unnecessary trouble, I have to ask your brother-in-law to take up more of her time. Don't waste too much energy on me. I just hope that we can have a normal relationship, not anything else," Bruce explained quickly.

Hearing what he said, Sheryl of course believed that Bruce was a very proud man. Although he was shameless sometimes in front of Sheryl, as a man, he was responsible for what he should say.

"You are the type of person described on the Internet now," Sheryl said.

"Which kind?" Bruce asked.

"The one who can do whatever he wants with money," Sheryl answered.

He gave away a large sum of money just to make friends with him. Why was it so troublesome? Was it very difficult to make a friend with him?

"In fact, you don't have to give my brother-in-law the money at all. I became friends with you not because my sister didn't restrict us, but because there is indeed something on you that attracts me and makes me involuntarily want to get close to you," Sheryl stopped and looked at Bruce.

Hearing this, Bruce's eyes suddenly lit up. He was still recalling the lines Sheryl had just said, which were similar to honeyed words. He couldn't help smiling and asked, "Really? How attractive? I don't know that I'm an attractive person in your eyes."

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