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   Chapter 557 A Heartwarming Scene

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"Hello, auntie, don't worry.

It's this crab that climbed on his shoulder," Jacob said with a smile. Everyone would be softhearted if Jacob showed a smile on his face. He picked up the little cyan crab and handed it to the woman.

When the woman saw the little crab, she pulled Andy away and said, "Andy, you're too timid. It's just a little crab. It's so embarrassing for you to do so."

Andy was frightened. He held the woman's waist and didn't say anything. The woman had to leave with Andy. She smiled politely to Jacob and Sheryl and said, "I'm sorry to scare you."

Sheryl replied politely, "Never mind."

After they left, Jacob looked at Sheryl with an innocent look and said, "I've been watching ghost stories recently, so I can't help but stick to the principle of knowledge is strength to maintain my dignity. Will you support this behavior? Will you blame me?"

Sheryl smiled helplessly, patted the sand on Jacob's body and asked with concern, "Are you all right? This is what I worry about the most."

"I'm fine." Now Jacob was in good health. He was as healthy and active as a normal child, so he could play freely.

After picking up a lot of shells, Jacob didn't want to go surfing. He just wanted to buy some tools to make handcraft. Sheryl had to carry a lot of things and followed Jacob back.

As soon as they came back, Sheryl saw Bruce's car parked in the yard. Bruce came here with a convertible, and he had the key to this place, so he was waiting here.

"Hey, you are here," Jacob greeted with a smile when he saw Bruce.

Looking at the shells in Sheryl's arms, Bruce asked, "It seems that you went to the seaside. How was your trip?"

"Not bad." Sheryl said indifferently, "How long have you been here?"

"It's been a while. I think you'll be back soon. So I just wait here. What are you going to do after picking up so many shells?" Bruce asked in a brisk tone as usual.

Jacob said, "We picked up the shells and wanted to make something. Would you like to go with us?"

Startled, Bruce felt that Jacob's attitude towards him had changed a little. He didn't know what tricks the little boy was going to play, but he didn't worry about it.

Seeing that it was Jacob's invitation

ten slender fingers and snow-white nails, which were as round as jade. It was originally just a ball of mud, but it slowly turned into a round cake, a round bowl, and a round plate. The smooth soil shone like jade in his hands, which looked especially beautiful when it was set against his hands.

Sheryl had been watching how to make the plate with his chin on his hand, but he was fascinated by Bruce's hands unconsciously. Bruce thought Sheryl was looking at him to make the dishes, but he had no idea that his hands were so attractive.

Jacob was frowning and making the model he wanted. Although the flowerpots were round, he wanted to make a different one, so it was difficult to make a diamond. It was the first time that an ordinary person could make a circle, but Jacob had a very high standard for himself.

After making a few pieces of mud embryo, Jacob was a little tired. He turned his face to look at what Bruce was doing, but unexpectedly he saw that Bruce was slowly making a round plate with a smile on his face. At this moment, his uncle was seriously looking at it, and the expressions of the two people's attention could not be inserted by a third person.

Jacob suddenly had a feeling that these two people should be so good all their lives, because since his uncle woke up, he was sensitive and cautious about everything. There were really few people who could make his uncle relax his vigilance without scruple.

He would also feel sorry for his uncle.

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