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   Chapter 550 Decadent

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 6776

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When Jacob flew to E Country without a stop, Sheryl was still sleeping.

If there was a second person in this room, he would never believe his own eyes. Such an innocent and clean young man actually had such a messy room. The wine bottles were randomly piled up on the ground, and the bed sheet was hanging on the ground. There was a large amount of wine stains on it. The room was not ventilated for a few days, and the air was full of drunk wine breath, and the air was turbid.

The hanging orchid on the table looked listless, probably because they hadn't seen the sun for several days.

A car stopped outside. Looking at the garden that had not been taken care of for a long time, the corners of his mouth twitched. Bruce had put a watering pot in the garden last time, but the position had not changed. How lazy Sheryl was!

Bruce had just gone to the royal family's party, which was his aunt's fiftieth birthday party. He had only attended it for one day, but it took him a long time on the way back and forth. Even so, he came back as soon as possible to see what Sheryl was going to do after the plan was cancelled.

However, no one answered the door after he knocked on the door. When he opened the window, he found that the living room was empty. The fruits on the table were not fresh. He frowned and threw them into the trash can. The table was also covered with a layer of dust. How lazy Sheryl was! He had just left for a few days and now Sheryl was in such a mess. What happened?

Before talking with him, Bruce started cleaning the floor and cleaning the table. Only in Sheryl's house could he do all kinds of dirty work.

After cleaning up the living room, Bruce went to check Sheryl's bedroom. As soon as he pushed the door open, a smell of alcohol gushed out, which was like a poison attack. Covering his nose, he was almost choked. After taking a few deep breaths of fresh air, he looked at the figure lying on the bed in the room and the wine bottle on the ground. He was very angry.

In the past

all room, isolated from the outside world. But Bruce had to break this shell, force him to accept his fate and accept the reality. Why couldn't he stay here forever?

Ignoring the drunken man's nonsense, Bruce was almost pissed off by Sheryl's cruel words. But now he had to calm down, or he might really lose his temper and really sleep with him.

But speaking of this, Sheryl's coat had been torn off, and his snow-white body could be seen clearly by Bruce. His slender figure and the outline of his ribs that could be seen from his waist were very attractive in Bruce's eyes.

Bruce didn't want to force Sheryl to do anything, but he thought it was better to fight against poison with poison, so he said with a smile, "Okay, Sheryl, I didn't force you before. Since you took the initiative to speak today, it would be a pity if I refuse again, right?"

"What are you doing?" Sheryl tried to struggle out of the bathtub, but the water was still sprinkling. The bathtub became slippery. He was like a loach falling into the water, rolling around but unable to move.

A big hand directly touched his back, and then slowly slid up along his spine, deliberately slowing down the pace. The rough and warm touch made Sheryl unconsciously have goose bumps. But before he could react, he felt a slight pain in his shoulder and was bitten by Bruce.

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