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   Chapter 549 If We Go Back To The Past

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 7423

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"What? Jacob wants to go to E Country alone? Are you kidding me?" In the evening, when Amanda heard the news from Darren, she jumped out of bed directly. Christine, who was playing toys happily beside Amanda, was almost thrown down by Amanda.

Darren quickly pulled his daughter into his arms and said unhappily, "Be careful. What if you hurt her?"

"She? She is just a little monkey, who is stronger than me." Looking at Christine, Amanda found that Christine was not scared at all. Instead, she giggled and danced with joy, as if Amanda was playing an interesting game with her just now.

After rolling her eyes at her daughter, Amanda sat in front of Darren and said, "Are you kidding me? Jacob is so young. Do you want him to go to E Country alone? That's too dangerous!"

"It's not me. Jacob wants to go by himself. Jacob, please persuade your mother yourself," Darren said loudly.

After a while, Jacob appeared at the door and said lazily, "Yes, I want to go to E Country. Can't I?"

In fact, he didn't want to go to E Country. It was Darren who forced him to go to E Country to subdue his uncle.

Her father even blamed him for everything. Who remembered that he was just a seven year old child?

"Why are you going to E Country?" Amanda asked curiously.

"I want to go to E Country. I don't want to stay here all the time. Besides, my uncle is coming back from E Country soon. I can come back with him then." Jacob said naturally, "Mommy has prepared grape juice and grape paste all the time. I can take them to my uncle and ask him to have some first."

Sheryl would be back in half a month. Amanda had already been preparing at home. She didn't expect that Jacob would go to E Country at this time.

But it was also Darren's plan.

He had to carefully control the contact between Sheryl and Amanda. If Sheryl came back and chose to tell this matter to Amanda regardless of anything, then the impact on Amanda would definitely not be small. He couldn't be unprepared for the Mid-Autumn Festival. So he asked Jacob to E Country to investigate the situation and affect Sheryl by love.

"Well, mom, I will take good care of myself. Don't worry." Jacob didn't worry about Amanda's objection at

anted to force her to bow. As a result, even a rabbit could bite people when it was anxious. Of course, when Amanda got anxious, she didn't care about it at all.

They had fought so fiercely in the past, but now when they recalled it, they all felt as if they had been in a previous life.

"If I let you go back to the past, will you still stab me?" Darren said. He was almost killed by the knife at that time.

"I will protect our child." If everything could start over again, Amanda would not directly oppose the Cheng family at the beginning, but protect the lost child by accident. This was the greatest guilt for her as a mother. Every time she saw Jacob and Christine, Amanda would be sad for the child who was ruined by Susie.

Darren's heart also ached. "If we can go back to the beginning, I will protect you well and won't let anyone bully you again."

"Don't always want to go back to the beginning. It's not easy for us to get to this point." All of a sudden, a smile appeared on Amanda's face. She hugged Darren and said, "I'm sleepy. I have to go to bed now."

Then she closed her eyes and fell asleep.

Watching Jacob get on the plane, Amanda was reluctant to part with him.

Sophie went with Jacob. Sophie had to go to E Country to deal with something.

"Mom, don't worry. I will take good care of myself." Jacob waved at Amanda before the security check. He had a long way to go. He wanted to fly to his uncle and see what his uncle was planning.

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