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   Chapter 548 The Cooperation Of Father And Son

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Christine pouted, "Mommy is bad."

Her favorite mother would become a bad mother. Amanda pinched her face and said, "You're so honest. I would be best if your brother isn't here. If you don't get along with me, I'll be the worst."

"Okay." Christine replied briskly. Then she nestled in Amanda's arms and said, "Mommy, I want to sleep."

Amanda also felt a little sleepy, so she went back to the bedroom with Christine in her arms.

Jacob sat behind Darren's desk and turned on Darren's computer to watch a movie.

Unintentionally, Darren received an e-mail. Jacob was curious about it and clicked it. The subject was the content of the next quarter's report. But didn't he read the report of the next quarter when he had a meeting with Darren just now? Is there anything new?

He directly clicked on the e-mail and downloaded an attachment, which was a compressed bag. When his father was not here, Jacob wanted to see if he could understand these contents without his father's explanation, so he directly decompressed it. But he found that it was not a report, but a sound recording.

Does the report need a sound recording? Puzzled, Jacob took out his headphone, plugged them into the computer and clicked on the recording.

The recording didn't last long. It was only half a minute, but Jacob heard the voice clearly.

Uncle Gregorio said that the plan was cancelled and he would quit. He wanted everything to be a secret forever.

Then there was also Uncle Sheryl's voice, Uncle Sheryl asked him why he cancelled it.

What was the plan? What was the secret that needed Uncle Gregorio and Uncle Sheryl to work together?

"Are you asleep?" Darren came in with a file in his hand, but he couldn't see the petite figure of Jacob, so he approached him and smiled.

Jacob raised his head suddenly and pulled out his earphone. The last sentence of Uncle Sheryl was clearly played in the computer, "Why?"

Hearing this, the atmosphere in the room froze.

Looking at Jacob, Darren's eyes became gloomy. "You saw it."

him, but he had a special identity. He was Amanda's brother, and he didn't want to be his enemy. If he offended Amanda, it would be not worth it.

"Of course I like my father, but Uncle Sheryl will also love me." Said Jacob.

Sheryl loved Jacob in every way. On the one hand, Jacob was related to Sheryl by blood. On the other hand, his mother liked him the most, and his uncle liked his mother the most, so his uncle liked him the most. Jacob was quite sure of his charm.

"He loves you, but that doesn't mean he will change everything for you. As long as your mother cares about him enough, he will always be a bomb of uncertainty." Darren said lightly.

"It's too arbitrary of you to say that. Uncle Sheryl loves mommy and me so much. How could he do something to hurt Mommy?" Jacob curled his lips.

Darren looked at him and suddenly said, "Do you want to stay in E Country for a while?"

"I'm going to E Country?" He didn't know why his father asked him to visit his uncle.

Darren sighed, stroked Jacob's forehead and said, "Now I'm most worried about your uncle. He's young, and I'm afraid he's not as calm as you. Besides, he's the person your mother cares most about. Although I'm capable outside, I can't do anything to him. I can only fight against the strong with toughness and let my son take the place of me to attack the enemy."

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