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   Chapter 547 The Formation Of A Daddy

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"Mom doesn't take me seriously. Don't try to seduce me with delicious food." Jacob turned around and ignored her arrogantly.

Amanda walked over and sat next to him. "Well, you don't care whether I take you seriously or not. Did your father tell you something about me again and come to defend him?"

Amanda knew Jacob too well. Now Jacob was really on Darren's side all the time. Did she bully Darren in the past? He just lived in the An's mansion for half a month. He was just preparing the things that Sheryl would use on the Mid-Autumn Festival every day. She just wanted him to come back less in the future and pay more attention to the business of the company. But he whispered in Jacob's ear, asking Jacob to take the opportunity to bargain with Amanda.

Darren's IQ was really getting lower and lower now. He still wanted Jacob to help him. Amanda was so smart. How could she be so trapped?

Unexpectedly, his mother saw what he was thinking. Jacob's eyes twinkled and his expression remained the same. "Mom, both Christine and I miss home."

"Missing home? Isn't this our home?" 'After all, Jacob has been living here since he came back. He must have a deeper feeling for this place than for that small villa, ' Amanda thought.

Jacob said, "There are many things I like in that room. It's obviously my home. Christine also misses home and wants to pick up toys with me."

Christine nodded in agreement. She pulled Amanda's clothes and said, "Mom, let's go home. Let's go home."

"Okay, I'll clean it up. Let's go home for dinner tonight." Although Amanda wanted to prepare more, she felt sorrier for her two babies. Seeing that Jacob was unhappy and Christine acted like a spoiled child, Amanda immediately agreed to go back.

When Darren came back home in the evening, he saw that Amanda was preparing dinner obediently. Jacob made a gesture of V for him and Darren sighed in his heart, 'My son did a good job.'

"Dad, dad." Christine jumped up and down in the crib, like a littl

ou like, and she also likes you, and live a good life.

She prayed in her heart, picked up a piece of broccoli with a fork and put it into her mouth. Then she ate it calmly.

After lunch, Jacob was taken to the company by Darren. Anyway, Darren would not let go of any opportunity to let Jacob get in touch with the company. It was lucky that Jacob was interested in this, and Amanda absolutely couldn't stand it. In the past, in order not to make a fool of others and not to be framed, she surprised many people under the guidance of Gregorio.

Now that she had a choice, of course she wouldn't ask for trouble to work in Darren's company. In fact, the life of a housewife was also very good. She took care of her children at home every day, played with Jacob, and played with her little baby named Christine.

"Mom, I'm sleepy." After playing with the toys for a while, Christine walked on the carpet in small steps, as if she was walking on cotton. She stumbled, stretched out her hands to maintain balance, and walked towards Amanda.

Amanda bent down and opened her hands. Christine rushed into her arms, kissed her on the face and said with a smile, "I like mommy the most."

"You said the same thing to your brother yesterday." What the glib Christine said couldn't deceive Amanda, but she was still happy to hear it.

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