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   Chapter 545 Everything Is Gone

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Sheryl seemed to hear a thunder, and he didn't seem to hear Gregorio's words clearly for a moment. Sheryl held the phone tightly and said, "Gregorio, I didn't hear what you said just now. Could you repeat?"

Gregorio said lightly on the phone, "I said the plan was cancelled. I quit and make it a secret forever. Am I clear?"

The plan was cancelled. Sheryl was really stunned. Well, well, they were all waiting for the good news, but Gregorio actually wanted to cancel the plan. It was ridiculous.

His company here had been on the right track. He could immediately turn his business back to the domestic development, so that he could take back the Cheng Group step by step.

And after her sister knew the truth, she would definitely not let Darren go easily. He had asked about it. Darren did give her half of the shares of the An Group and half of his assets. If his sister was really cruel, she could directly take half of Darren's property. At this time, she could rebuild the Cheng Group in minutes.

Therefore, as long as his sister could break up with Darren, there would be hope for his revenge. And the only reason why his sister broke up with Darren was that their parents died in that year.

Now that Gregorio was going to cancel the plan and hide this secret, what was the point of his revenge.

"Why? Why did you cancel the plan? What happened? I don't understand," Sheryl said unwillingly.

"What I did is for your sister's sake." After saying that, Gregorio hung up the phone without any explanation.

The sky was blue and there was no cloud. At this moment, he felt like a spring breeze blew in his heart. He smiled with satisfaction. 'Amanda, as long as you are happy, I can let you go, ' he thought.

It was much more difficult to let go of hatred, but the feeling of letting it go was really good.

He couldn't be the man that Amanda loved most in her life, but he would be the man she trusted and relied on most. That was enough.

He loved her, but it had nothing to do with her. Protecting her happiness was also his own business, and had nothing to do with her.

"Hey, Gregorio, make it clear. I don't understand," Sheryl kep

s rolling in his eyes. It was said that men didn't shed tears easily. After waking up, Sheryl had always wanted to live a mature life like a man. Only in front of Amanda would he act like a young man.

Seeing that all the plans had disappeared with the change of Gregorio, how could he be reconciled? How could he give up so easily? But the voice in his heart said again and again. The revenge he forced was carried out on the premise of hurting his sister. He was determined to make his sister bear the burden of hatred.

In fact, he didn't like to run a company. He didn't like to sit here and have meetings every day. He didn't like to bring business to the company with his tongue and mouth. He didn't like to stare at the changes of various data all the time. He needed to grasp the trend of market change in the complex data. He needed to learn a lot, but many of them that he didn't want to learn at all.

His life had been completely ruined by these things, leaving only an empty shell. He had given up so many things, but he only waited for Gregorio's quit. The sense of loss everything made Sheryl feel a little unbearable. He clenched his fists and thumped on the hard railing. His hands were soon bruised. "Are you crazy? Don't you want your hands? A man can get through anything. This kind of self-punishment is just a coward's behavior," Bruce grabbed his hand and said.

"Let go of me!" Sheryl shouted and threw Bruce away.

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