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   Chapter 542 He Will Also Change

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Amanda was stunned. She looked at Gregorio and he didn't know what to say. Was that the truth?

Gregorio continued, "There is indeed a deal between Harrison and your parents. I visited one of his subordinates. At that time, Darren's mother was seriously ill and needed organ transplant. Darren's mother was an orphan in the orphanage, but she and your mother were cousins. But when your mother had a car accident, he did exchange your mother's kidney for his wife, that is, Darren's mother."

As long as it wasn't Harrison who killed her parents, everything would be fine.

After listening to Gregorio's words, Amanda couldn't help but come forward and hug him. "Gregorio, thank you for telling me this. That's great. I have never been so grateful to a person. Do you know? I was almost driven crazy by this."

Gregorio stroked her hair and said in a low voice, "I know."

He always knew that she liked Darren very much. He was not afraid of this, because he was confident that he could give her a good life. But once love went through the bone, he would be very painful if love was stripped.

Amanda felt so painful that she didn't want to go on.

The reason why Gregorio had made this plan was that he bet that Amanda valued the Cheng family and her parents more than Darren. Now she finally realized that. He had been shrewd all his life, but he had been defeated in this game. From the beginning, he had lost, because she loved Darren so deeply, as if she was swallowing a honey wrapped in a blade, painful and happy.

He had always been stick to the principle of giving her real happiness from beginning to end. Now that she had obtained it, although it was not him who gave it, he was willing to protect this rare happiness for her.

Someone opened the door and came in with a dark face.

Standing next to Darren, with a smile on her face, Yana tried to persuade him in a gentle voice, "Darren, don't be impulsive. Maybe there is some misu

With a smile on her face, Amanda said with her hands akimbo, "No, I'd like to see who is more capable of fighting between you two. If you can't work anymore, come and be my personal assistant. You'll have a good salary."

"You can't think too much. After seeing Darren like this, I think it's true that a woman is a tiger. Well, I'm leaving." Gregorio patted her on the shoulder. After thinking for a while, he raised his hand and held Amanda in his arms. "You're not a child anymore. Don't do such immature things in the future. The children are still young. Don't have a bad impact on the children. If you want to go to B Country to play in the future, you can come to me. Although you're not my sister, you can treat me as your brother."

Tears welled up in Amanda's eyes. She hugged him tightly and said, "I know, Gregorio. It's my greatest luck to meet you."

After letting go of Amanda, Gregorio stood up and left without hesitation.

After he left, Amanda sat back in the room, holding her chin in a daze. After a long time, Darren opened the door and asked casually, "Are you hungry? Do you want to go out to have dinner tonight? There is a new restaurant. It's not bad."

"I don't want to eat. I'm a little sleepy." Murmured Amanda, who was almost asleep when she was woken up by Darren.

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