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   Chapter 540 He Has Become Like This

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At this time, Maggie's belly had slightly swollen. She sat on the sofa, looked at Amanda and said, "Amanda, I'm here to tell you something."

Seeing her serious face, Amanda quickly sat down and asked, "What happened?"

"It's not a big deal. Charles is going to jail." Maggie looked around and said in a low voice.

"What's going on? Why is he in jail?" Amanda asked in confusion.

"The child who hit you was Charles' son. Although he ran away after he hit you, it was easy for Darren to find out. Now Charles' company went bankrupt, and he had several million debt on his own. His wife looked down upon him all the time. She had notarized his property before marriage. Now they have divorced. Charles has nothing now." Maggie sighed as she recalled the past.

Noticing a key point, Amanda immediately asked Maggie, "Do you mean that it was Darren who did it?"

Maggie rolled her eyes at her and said, "Who do you think is able to destroy Charles' company in such a short time and force him to step on a dead end? Your husband is always ruthless and he won't tell you anything. He will only do it silently. I also heard that he went to see Rose recently."

Amanda took a deep breath, grabbed Maggie's hand and asked, "Are you sure about this news?"

"Where has he been on a business trip recently? Don't you know it yourself?" Maggie looked at her and said in surprise.

Amanda shook her head. She never cared about Darren's work. Sometimes, he would tell her where he was going on a business trip, but Amanda never thought that Darren would go to see Rose.

Seeing that Amanda knew nothing, Maggie's face darkened. "If Darren dares to hurt you, I'll tear him up."

"Well, Maggie, my mind is in a mess now." Amanda covered her head.

Darren went to look for Rose. Why did he look for Rose? Did he hear any news? He forced Charles to go bankrupt. Although that child knocked her down at that time, there was no need for him to be so determined.

Thinking of the fact that she had burnt the Cheng family and made it decline

Jacob standing by the door. She asked immediately, "When did you come here? How much did you hear?"

"It sounds that dad is bad." Jacob sat next to Amanda and said as if nothing had happened.

Tears welled up in Amanda's eyes. She held Jacob in her arms and said, "He must have a reason to do so."

"Of course, that aunt is even worse. She took away mom's child." Jacob knew from an early age that this society was not as simple as black and white. His mother was white, and his father was black, which he had always seen. His mother was soft and kind, while his father was serious and evil.

But his parents loved him. It was because of his father's coldness that others did not dare to bully him and his mother.

With a sigh, Amanda stroked Jacob's hair and said, "I know. I always know." As she spoke, her tears slowly fell down. In front of Jacob, Amanda would also be vulnerable.

Jacob raised his hand and wiped the tears off Amanda's face. "Mom, don't cry. I'm always by your side, and so is Christine."

Christine didn't know what happened, but when she saw Amanda crying, she frowned and began to cry too.

Seeing the two women crying, Jacob felt headache. He grabbed two tissues to wipe their tears.

It had been a long time since Amanda cried out. She didn't know how to face the fact that she had entrusted Gregorio to investigate.

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