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   Chapter 534 It Has Never Really Passed

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 6820

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After the lights were turned off, the room was not completely dark. There was still light outside, but the room was overcast as if it was covered with a layer of mist.

Darren was lying on the bed. Amanda leaned against his chest and said nothing.

Darren knew that she was unhappy now, but he didn't know why. If she didn't want to tell him, he couldn't ask. He could only prove it with his actions.

He leaned over, cupped his chin and kissed her. Amanda's eyes were slightly shocked. She knew that she loved this man. She had experienced so many things over the years, but she wanted to know whether Darren knew what his father had done and whether he knew that Harrison had killed her parents.

If he knew that and if he really tried to hide it as Nancy said, then Darren had gone too far. She couldn't forgive him for being so selfish.

And if the truth was like this, the An Family really owed Sheryl too much, owed the Cheng family too much, owed her too much, and the An Family was definitely her enemy.

"What are you thinking about?" Darren didn't get any response from her. He pinched her waist and said, "Where is your heart? Can't your heart come back from Sheryl?"

"My heart ran to Christine and wondered why she hated her father so much." Amanda giggled and held Darren's hand, pretending to be relaxed.

Darren bit her ear and said, "I'm not afraid. When she grows up, I'll love her and make her look like a little princess. As for her stupid and fierce mother, she might turn pale."

"You bitch!" Amanda rolled her eyes at him, but he couldn't see her rolling eyes in the dark. He could only hear the shyness in her voice. With great interest, he held her in his arms and whispered in her ear, "Do you know you are really beautiful in the company today?"

"I'm good at dressing up." Of course, Amanda was confident in her dressing.

"Really? Then I will have a check." He swallowed what Amanda was going to say.

After a night's entanglement, they had been together for so long, but they were always as h


"What's the matter?" Gregorio asked.

Amanda lowered her voice, "I don't want to make a judgment on that matter now. If you can help me, can you help me investigate the car accident of my parents that year?"

"I don't know what result you want. So what if you find out this matter? Does it have any impact on you?" Gregorio asked.

Amanda hesitated.

She didn't know what result she wanted to get. She just wanted to know the truth. She wanted to know if her parents were an accident or someone did it on purpose. But if it was really Harrison who did it, how should she treat Darren? These were all questions that she couldn't figure out the answer at all.

"If you can't be determined, you'd better restrain your curiosity and live your own life." Seeing her hesitation, Gregorio said, "Aren't you living a good life now? Don't dwell on the past. The past is the past."

"No, what happened in the past still has an impact until now. It has never really passed. When I was a child, my parents had a car accident. My little brother was lying in the hospital. How could I easily overturn it?" Amanda smiled bitterly.

The door was pushed open all of a sudden. Startled, Amanda looked up at the person coming in.

The man came in with his back to the room and couldn't see his face clearly, but Amanda had recognized him at the first sight.

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