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   Chapter 532 I Don't Need To Gain A Lot Of Weight

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"I don't know if I am helping you this time, but I hope no matter what you are doing, whether killing people or setting fire, you can rest assured to leave your back to me," Bruce said in a low voice.

Sheryl burst into laughter and pinched his neck, "Do you mean I kill people, you destroy the corpse, I set fire, and you cut the back?"

"If that day comes, I think I will do that," Bruce said.

"It's not like a person who majored in economy would say such capricious words." Sheryl let go of his hand and lay beside Bruce. "If I were a girl, I might really fall in love with you."

"Our gay marriage is legal here," Bruce said immediately.

Sheryl looked at him sideways and said, "I don't care whether it's legal or not. If I like you, we can be together; if I don't like you, then we can't be together."

"So do you like me?" Bruce asked.

Sheryl smiled, "I used to think about what kind of person I would fall in love with, but now I don't intend to like others. Although you are very good, I don't know if I am willing to be with you because I like you or because of interests. I don't like to be mixed with anything in love. We can't have feelings from the beginning."

After he finished his words, there was no reply from the other side. Sheryl couldn't help but look at Bruce, only to find that Bruce was asleep with his eyes closed and his breathing steady.

Speechless, Sheryl put a thin quilt on him and stood up to walk around the yard.

There were some azaleas and a pot of lotus in the yard, which looked very beautiful and charming. It was specially bought by Bruce to let Sheryl take care of them. Sheryl had learned how to plant them.

The small pot of fragrant gardenia was also blooming well. The flowers were snow-white, and there were a few flower buds.

"Wow, the flowers smell so good." Someone outside the fence praised exaggeratedly.

"Mary, you got up so early," Sheryl greeted his neighbor with a smile. Mary was a girl from F Country who came to study here and was enthusiastic and

you come back? I miss you so much."

"Sister, I just left for a short time. I'll go back to see you in the Mid-Autumn Festival," Sheryl said immediately, because the Mid-Autumn Festival was a traditional day of family reunion.

Amanda immediately went to check the calendar. There were still two months left. She snorted, "Well, take good care of yourself there. Dye your hair back and don't make it a mess again. I'll ask Jacob to pull your hair out if you don't listen to me."

"I must not be your brother. How could you do such a cruel thing to me?" Sheryl's desperate scream on the phone amused Amanda, "Don't be garrulous. Don't disturb the people and frighten your neighbors."

"Sister, I've planted gardenia. They smell good." Sheryl said, "I'll bring it to you when I go back. I planted it myself."

"Keep it for yourself," she said. Amanda didn't want to waste her time on these things. She didn't even want to waste her time on herself. How could she have time to serve the plants?

"How is Christine? Can she speak now?" Sheryl asked.

"She hasn't said anything yet. She cried so loudly every day. It's strange. As long as your brother-in-law touches her, even a little touch, she can cry. Every time he wants to play with the child, he will be depressed."

"I wonder if she will cry when I go back and touch her," Sheryl said.

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