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   Chapter 531 Let's Cooperate

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"Sheryl is fine here. Why did you call him?" Said Bruce.

Darren said lightly, "Let Sheryl answer the phone."

"Then why don't you call Sheryl directly?"

"I don't want to change the number."

Bruce had to give the phone to Sheryl.

"Hello, Darren?" Darren seldom called him. Usually, he would send him e-mails about something. Sheryl was a little surprised.

"Your sister is not in a stable mood now. You can coax her more when you have time. If you have any difficulties, just tell me." Said Darren.

Sheryl immediately asked, "What's wrong with my sister?"

"She's not in a good mood these days." Said Darren.

Sheryl nodded, "Darren, don't worry. I'll call my sister later."

Darren answered. Then he asked about Sheryl's studies with concern. It seemed that Sheryl was very concerned about his studies and Bruce didn't make any trouble.

"I didn't expect him to call you first." Standing by the door, Bruce said thoughtfully.

After hanging up the phone, Sheryl's expression immediately turned cold. "Let's continue."

Nodding his head, Bruce came over. But when he saw Sheryl draw a big turtle on the wrong question, he was speechless. "Sheryl, why did you draw a turtle on the wrong question?"

"This is called tortoise, and it is a very lucky animal for us. There is an old saying in our place that a-thousand-year-old tortoises and ten-thousand-year-old turtles are the symbol of longevity." Said Sheryl.

"Then you don't have to write my name on the back of the tortoise."

"It's just a boring drawing. If you mind, I will never write it again." Said Sheryl.

"No, no. It's good. Come on, let's continue." Hearing that, Bruce stopped him in a hurry.

After practicing for a while, Bruce stopped Sheryl and said, "Have a rest. You've written these for two hours."

Sheryl stood up and stretched his body. Sitting on the bed, he asked, "When will the company's review

e just friends, you will have a group of good friends here. Why should you stick to your plan?" said Bruce, who almost pressed down Sheryl.

That day, after consulting courses, Sheryl saw Lionel and Gregorio in the coffee shop across the street. He went in and sat next to them. Behind the screen, Sheryl heard all the conversation between them. After Lionel left, Sheryl sat in his seat and said to Gregorio, "Gregorio, let's cooperate."

They had agreed to take revenge on Darren together. Then Sheryl could avenge his parents' death, and his sister could also be taken care of by Gregorio. He believed that Gregorio would bring Amanda happiness, which made Sheryl less guilty for revenge. After all, Darren was his brother-in-law.

Bruce didn't know Sheryl's plan. He only knew that Sheryl wanted to deal with An Group, and asking him to help Sheryl build a company was just a beginning.

Although Bruce had helped Sheryl do so, he didn't want Sheryl to hold on to the hatred in the past and ruin his better life.

People with hatred could not feel the happiness of life, nor could they live happily.

Hearing what Bruce said, Sheryl stopped what he was doing and continued to press it as if nothing had happened. "I can't let it go, and I don't intend to."

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