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   Chapter 527 See You Again

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 6730

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In the darkness, Amanda's complaints sprouted and itched in Darren's ears like fluffy grass.

"Why are you so scared? Hold me tight. I'll throw you up when you're about to fall to the ground. Then you'll be fine as if you fall from a height of one meter." Said Darren.

All of a sudden, Amanda burst into laughter. She gave him a punch and said, "How can you save a person like this? We can only wait here patiently."

Fortunately, the elevator wasn't as frightening as before. It just stop here. After a while, it was power on again. The door opened and Darren and Amanda came out. The electric echelon wiped the sweat and said, "Mr. Darren, I'm really sorry. There's an accident in the circuit. We're already arranging maintenance."

"It's okay. You should be more careful in the future." Said Amanda, holding his hand.

The electric echelon hadn't ever seen Amanda. He nodded and didn't know if she meant what she said.

"Honey, let's go." With a tender voice, Amanda dragged Darren away. She called him "honey", which directly laid the position of the wife of the president in the An family and blinded the eyes of the people around her.

Out of everyone's sight, Amanda murmured, "So, this is what Jacob wants to see."

Seeing her and Darren in public, everyone knew that his mother didn't conquer his father with any external conditions, but they loved each other and wanted to be together.

"I never thought Jacob would be so stressed," said Amanda guiltily.

Jacob must have heard a lot of rumors in the company alone. No wonder he was not so happy recently.

"Then you can come here more often in the future. It's a good chance. It's also a benefit for me." Darren held her hand and said, "In fact, I was also wrong. I know you don't care, and I don't care either. I didn't expect that rumors would make Jacob care so much."

"I'll show up more often in the future. Just wait for a tigress to appear in the company." Amanda decided that she would often appear in the company in the fut

d friend, Amanda didn't have much friendship with her.

Nancy said, "When I knew that there was another wife of the president in An Group, I doubted what kind of woman could make Mr. Darren fall in love except you. Later I found that you didn't hide your identity deliberately. It's not difficult to guess that you are Amanda."

"Then what do you want from me?" Amanda had no scruples about her identity, but Nancy was really attentive enough to find her out.

With a sad look on her face, Nancy said, "I went to see Rose before. She has a good time in the sanatorium." When she said "good", she gritted her teeth with infinite hatred.

There was still no expression on Amanda's face.

Amanda didn't care about how Rose was doing now. Rose was a woman who had been a rival in love, she couldn't show any sympathy to her former enemy.

Darren didn't tell her what had happened in the past, but Amanda could vaguely guess that it was a conspiracy planned by Rose to lose her child, and it was definitely not done by Amanda. Amanda was also very clear about what had happened that day. It was Rose who suddenly fell on her. She didn't push Rose at all. Rose had planned to lose this child.

A woman who didn't even cherish and protect her own child and used this child as a tool to compete for benefits didn't deserve any sympathy.

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