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   Chapter 526 Shocked By The Elevator Again

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 7228

Updated: 2020-05-04 00:05

"Mom, I want juice," Jacob raised his head and said.

Amanda nodded, "Then I'll buy it for you. What kind of flavor do you want to drink?"

"You two go shopping together," Jacob said.

"I can go there myself. I saw the vending machine downstairs." When Amanda stood up and was about to leave, Jacob pulled Darren up and said, "Dad, it's not convenient for mom to wear high-heeled shoes. You have to go shopping with mom."

"Okay, okay." Darren held Amanda's hand in a hurry and said to Jacob, "Then wait here. Don't eat on your own. Save me some food."

Jacob rolled his eyes at him and said, "I know. I just want to eat, but I can't eat so much. I don't want to be a little fat."

Then Darren took Amanda out.

"Why does Jacob become so strange?" Amanda asked in confusion.

Darren smiled and said, "It's not hard to understand. There are so many beautiful women in the company. You don't wear any make-up at home all day long. The little guy is worried that you will lose your charm, especially I'm handsome and rich. There are many girls who admire me, and he has found it in the company."

'It's such a reason, ' thought Amanda, touching her forehead.

After all, Darren was more mature now. He behaved like a mature man, much more sophisticated than before, just like a glass of mellow wine that had been extracted with time.

"Hello, Mr. Darren." Everyone on the road knew to greet Darren.

Darren took Amanda's hand and nodded at them. Then he turned around and asked Amanda, "Do you remember the elevator accident last time?"

At that time, the elevator broke down. Amanda and Darren were trapped in it. The cold relationship between the two was alleviated because of the elevator accident. He threatened her and amused her in the dark elevator. After the electric echelon opened the elevator door that was stuck on the half floor, he dragged her up first.

Later, that staff was fired. He brought gas to look for Darren and wanted to die with him. He even held Amanda as a hostage.

"You didn't like me at that time and bullied me on purpose. But you always stood out to protect me at the most critical moment. I always remembe

elevator. Be careful, okay?"

"Don't worry. It's okay. We..." Before Darren finished his words, the elevator's lights went out all of a sudden, and everything around seemed to be quiet.

"Oh, my God. You must be kidding me," Amanda said. 'How could such a thing happen again when I took the elevator? This elevator is so dangerous, ' she thought.

Darren immediately pressed the emergency call button and asked the electrician to repair it quickly.

"I'm so scared. What shall we do?" Hiding in Darren's arms, Amanda felt that the elevator was hanging in the air. It was so scary.

"Don't worry. It's stuck between the three and four floors. Even if it falls down, we will only feel a pain in our legs. Nothing serious will happen," Darren comforted her. As Darren spoke, he kissed on Amanda's cheek and said, "There's no one on both sides now. No matter how close we are, we won't be afraid of being seen, right?"

"Darren, don't make trouble at this time." With a pout, Amanda tugged at the corner of his clothes and said, "Are we really going to be fine?"

"Yes, we will be fine. I'm with you. How could you be in danger? It's time to fire this electrician. He is not qualified for regular maintenance." said Darren calmly.

Thinking of the elevator incident that they had talked about before, Amanda didn't expect that it would happen again. She held Darren's neck and said, "You are not suitable for elevator industry."

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